Not So Wordless Wednesday: It’s Legally Mine

I just thought a quick update on my condo status would help for those who didn’t know me then. Of course, you need to read how it all happened….

It all started when I was just a pup and discovered the condo. Yeah, I know it’s a cat tree, but does that really matter? I guess the kittehs thought so since I had to go to court with them a couple of years ago.

Peace has reigned in our tree ever since. Of course, it helps that these kittehs are now considered elderly. However, now they think they need an elevator installed. Since that wasn’t in the contract, I told them they need to cough up some better terms–upkeep is expensive (I just re-carpeted my whole condo).  Unfortunately, they said it would be a hairball. I don’t think that was what I was thinking!

Mystic & Sage in cat tree

Hopefully Mystic isn’t really considering that hairball!

26 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday: It’s Legally Mine

  1. Sweet Sage you may want to reconsider where you are enjoying that tree just in case that hairball flies! Hugs and nose kisses


  2. I thought this was a cat blog when I clicked on the thumbnail photo from the blog hop. Imagine my surprise when I realized that lower level was occupied by a dog! Glad I stopped over to see you, Sage, can’t wait to spend some time seeing what else you get up to!


  3. Aww Sage, your so cute in that scratching tree. I know what you mean about the kitty’s and there demands for a elevator. Rascal our cat, sees his food on abit higher table especially for him (so us doggies dont eat it)he jumps fences daily, yet he will meow and meow till someone comes picks him up and puts him on the table for his food. I guess we are at fault though as we keep doing it!


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