I’ve been really busy making chicken soup and bringing Mom tissues so I haven’t been around here lately. But all my special attention must have done the trick because Mom just put my coat on and said: ‘Let’s go shoppin’! And off we went.

We had a double-whammy shoppin’ trip this time. First stop–the bank, which is one of my special shoppin’ spots because they give me the biggest biscuit I’ve ever seen. And we don’t even have to buy anything!

Next was a stop at the local pet store. Of course, I want to stop EVERY day, but Mom says we should only go in for special occasions…like to buy some kitty food. I guess it’s because when I go in I don’t want to leave. So many smells. So little time….

I sniffed up and down every aisle and turned a corner and….WHAT’S THAT???

Hello, there!

                                       Well, hello, there!

Anyone home?

                                                 Anyone home?


Pee Ess: No animals were harmed in this foto shoot. Not even my nose!

19 thoughts on “Shoppin’

  1. Sage, you met a turtle up close?!? I’ve only seen them from afar; they do wander out of our lake every once in a while but mom won’t let me that close! Pffft! That has got to be the BEST shopping trip ever. *whispers* We love the bank too…they give you money to go shopping and a treat!


  2. What is that strange creature? Me and Nellie have never seen one of those. Once when I was a little puppy I met a pig. Now they are strange creatures. It terrifed Me so much that I never wanted to see one again. Love Nellie and Jasper, two very hot maremmas.


  3. Not time to go to your blog but I loved your shopping trip!!! Zoie and I never got to go on a shopping trip together!!!! Sad!!! Love you guys!!


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