Snow Dance!

It’s been C..O..L..D COLD here lately, so my buddy Wyatt (he lives just a few miles south of me) thought that if we both did a snow dance it might just happen.

So, out I went.  A few of my special dance moves later–look what happened! Starting the danceIt’s workin’!

It’s workin’!

Then it stopped.

Maybe it was better out front?Sage checking out the snowNope.



Then I kicked up the beat A LOT and look what happened!Dreaming of SnowA veritable blizzard.

But only in my mind….

How was that, Wyatt? Did I do good or what?

22 thoughts on “Snow Dance!

  1. I think you did good Sage!!! I put a video of the kittens at play you might like to see Saturday on my blog!!! Sorry not felling great today!!


  2. OH Sage, honey, I hate to see you so disappointed!!…you come right on over here and have a nice nap with me…oh, yeah, right…I forgot…you like it cold and I like it warm…ok, that won’t work…so I will keep paws crossed for a TON of snow all for can share with Wyatt if you want to, paw pats, Savannah


  3. Hey Sage!!!
    You and your mama are soooo darn creative!!!
    Your dance worked at my house too…
    And did you dance for SUN today???
    Thanks….keep dancin’ for us!!!
    With care, bentley


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