A Hard Day at Play

I was giving Mom the ol’ stink eye–she knows what happens when I don’t get some serious exercise–so we took off in the Sagemobile. I guess there’s NO WAY I can ride in the new car when we go play. Something about me and dirt. I really don’t know what she’s talking about…

There weren’t many at the dog park…it was pretty muddy from all the rain we’ve had. But I did meet a few fellow diehards.

meeting a new friend

Hi, there! I’d play chase with you, but I’ve got “ball-on-the-brain’ disease. Mom says I’m obsessed…whatever that means.

I’m ready, Mom. Pitch it to me!Waiting for the ballAgain and again. Mom throws. I catch.A catch!Even though it’s only about 45 F (7 C), I work up a sweat pretty quickly. And you know what that means. I NEED WATER!

Thank goodness for mud holes.

Sage in the mud hole

Mom, why are you saying “Oh, Sage“? And why is that woman laughing over there?

25 thoughts on “A Hard Day at Play

  1. Oh Sage you met a Zoie!!!! It brought tears to my eyes!! It was like looking at Her!!!!!
    I miss her so but not tonight it was raining a lot here— good we need the rain but it would have ment walking Zoie in the rain b/c she HAD TO GO OUT~~~~~~~~


  2. Yep, we know you do love ball sweet Sage and we know you love your water too…especially if it is mixed with lots of mud. You found some good water!! Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Vof Sage, I see your dream came true! I didn’t reach you by e-mail, so I like to Congratulate you for winning in my give away! Please contact me for details. My e-mail is in my sidelist. Hugs from Nero


  4. Sage is very wise. Humans pay fortunes for mud treatment and here he found it gratis. Way to go Sage! Paulette p.s. I helped rescued a dog last year that could be Sage’s bro. He had the whole town I live in pitching in to take care of his medical expenses and was duly named Mr. Ojai. πŸ™‚


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