Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Drinking is an Art

Mystic goes for the up-close-and-personal approach.


Will you hurry up, Mystic

While Thailing believes in a full-bodied effect.

See? This is how it's done.

See? This is how it’s done.

Mystic: Maybe that’s why you have more hairballs, Thailing!

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16 thoughts on “Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Drinking is an Art

  1. Great pictures! It’s funny how so many cats love the dripping water from the kitchen sink. But I bet if you WANTED them to sit in there, they wouldn’t!


  2. LOL It is a lost art with JD. He has a drinking problem! He fills his mouth with water and might swallow maybe half of it. The rest ends up on the floor. What is it with guys and drinking?


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