Mail? For ME?

It’s not often I get mail, but this time it was a very special pressie from one of my favorite bloggie furiends, who is also an awesome quilter. If you don’t know Nero, Hanna and their kitty, Nellie, you should go visit them at Nero’s Post and Patch. Their Mom, Teje (the awesome quilter), gets lots of help from them!

Teje had a drawing for one of her mini-quilts and I won!! Yesterday, it came in the mail…all the way from Crete. Mom says that’s waaaaaaaaay far away, but Teje sent it flying through the air and it fell PLOP on my porch!


I was so eager to open it, I began to slobber. Sage! Be careful…don’t get those pretty stamps wet.

We (Mom was helping) took everything out and I could sniff Nero. He smelled of fresh air and sea spray. I think I’d like to meet him!

© sagechronicles.wordpress.comWow, Mom! Look at all that perfect hand quilting. Did you know Teje has an Etsy shop? She has some really pretty stuff there.

Along with the beautiful mini-quilt, Teje sent some green and white sea glass, a blue pinwheel pin and a Bittersweet Chocolate with Orange candy bar. How did she know that was Mom’s favorite?

© sagechronicles.wordpress.comWe found a perfect place to hang the mini-quilt so we can see it every day and think of Teje, Nero, Hanna and Nellie. ©
Thank you, Teje!


15 thoughts on “Mail? For ME?

  1. Sage did you know I use to quilt and make all my cloths too?? I USE TO!!!!!!!! Old age has me in her grips now tho!!!! Can’t see hardly any more!!!
    That is lovely and so glad you won!!!!


  2. OMD Sage, that is such a beautiful…and gosh-darn cute…quilt! And it came all the way from Crete?!? That has got to be far away! I love where you hung it…now you can look at it and think fondly of your friend every day.
    *Cairn cuddles*


  3. Vof Sage! I’m happy to see my letter found you! Thank you so much for your sweet vofs – you are my best blog friend and the most sweet girl! I’m so sorry there wasn’t goodies for you (hb was so busy to go to ship the letter and I had eaten all the good sticks). We all send you hugs and kisses! Nero


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