My Dad is Sad

My Dad is an only child, but had a cousin that was 9 months older. They grew up in the same household and were very close…his cousin was like a brother. His cousin died today. I know he will miss him a lot, so I’m trying to give him lots of lovin’.IMG_6693Mom says to tell you we’re sorry we haven’t been around much lately, but we’ll be back really soon. ©©

Catching balls and wallowing in mud!

32 thoughts on “My Dad is Sad

  1. Good for you, giving Dad extra loving, I’ll bet that’s just what he needs most right now. So very sorry to hear about his loss – that is indeed like losing a brother.
    Peaceful wishes to you all!


  2. We are so sorry about your Dad’s cousin sweet Sage. We know you will keep giving your Dad lots of luvs. Sending lot of warm hugs for him and keeping you all in our prayers. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. So sorry to hear about your Dad’s loss, Sage. It is a good thing that he has you to help comfort him. Look forward to hearing more from you, when things have settled down.


  4. AWW I’m so sorry for your dad’s loss. I too have no sisters, but a cousin I am very close to and consider a sister, so I know what your dad means by that. Givehim lots of cuddles, and be good for him. Hugs from leah and kirby


  5. I am so sorry about your dad’s cousin, Sage. I know that your special cuddles will help your dad while he is feeling so said and I will say some special prayers for your family in case that might help too.


  6. Oh Miss Sage, we are so sorry to hear that your dad lost his speshul cousin and friend. You’re doing a great job helping him feel better. Smoochy-faces to you all.



  7. Sage!
    Please tell your Dad that I am so sorry to hear about his cousin/brother…it’s so very hard to lose a dear friend and special someone.
    I know you are snuggling a lot more with him and making him feel a bit better.
    All the best Sage’s Daddy!

    Sophie Doodle here!


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