Friday This ‘n’ That and Here ‘n’ There


First of all, your kindness and thoughtfulness made my Dad really happy. We can’t thank you enough! And now I’m going to spend all my waking time trying to catch up with everyone. Well, after a little cat nap in my condo.

Mom knows I have to get out and run several days a week (that’s over and above the daily walks and my agility lesson and shoppin’ and stuff).  She says I’m high-maintenance, but I know she loves it. 🙂

We managed a few of my favorite places and one I haven’t been to recently.


The other day, as I sat at the base of a tree high above the Columbia River, I contemplated my next move. Do I race down the cliff and run around on the riverbank, or race down the cliff and hop in the river? I have such hard life-decisions to make sometimes.

Yesterday, Mom and I went on a hike up Powell Butte. We love it there…lots of big trees, and ferns and sometimes a black-tailed deer. © sagechronicles.wordpress.comI  run and run, never getting far away. There are lots of things to explore…like this pipe.

It's like a tunnel, Mom!

It’s like a tunnel, Mom!

Please note the water coming out. I just don’t understand why Mom says I could find a mud-hole in the Sahara Desert. You know I have to find one somewhere. I just pretended to look in the pipe.

Fooled you, Mom!!

I liked this fallen tree. It had an opening I could look through and it framed the forest behind, even though it’s a bit blurry.



And this spot in the forest is actually quite beautiful…except I was more interested in the squirrel I thought was there. Not. 







I leave you with one of my favorite things to do. This was at 1000 Acres. 

© sagechronicles.wordpress.comMom! Not the hose? Really??????

26 thoughts on “Friday This ‘n’ That and Here ‘n’ There

  1. My favourite shot, the sodden beast dragging itself from the clutches of the gooey mud hole haha! So did you get the hose? I don’t understand how you could still be high maintenance, Sage. Aren’t you a lady yet (like me)? X


  2. Looks like a great hike but I especially like the pool you found at the end…I would sit in that in a heartbeat but no hose for me either, thank you 😉


  3. Thanks for joining us for FUF Sage!! It’s great to have you.

    I missed the sad news about your dad’s cousin, please let him know I’m thinking of him okay? It is always sad when we lose someone we care about.

    And PLEASE tell your mom that I’m jealous of her for two reasons. 1 being the area you have for hiking, that looks amazing!! And 2 being her dog finds mud puddles, mine find deer poop. I had to give Delilah a bath after our walk last night and I still can’t get the smell off her! LOL

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh, what fun adventures, Sage! I think you have even more energies than I do! I wish I had all those cool places to run around too 🙂

    And I am very glad to hear that we all helped cheer your dad up! I hope he is doing okay.


  5. Wow, that all looked like lots of fun, Sage! You have some great places to go, and you are a very busy dog. I hope your Mom has as much fun as it looks like you do!


  6. I would love to visit, you live in such a beautiful place with lots to discover! The only thing is that i wouldprobably not follow you in mud pool coz really, i can’t even stand to have my paws wet!!! Hahaha!! You are a cool dude Sage!
    Love, Lulu


  7. Sweet Sage we totally agree with your mom, we too believe you could find mud in a desert or any place. Oh what fun you have in that mud though, a bath afterward is worth it all isn’t it? Hugs and nose kisses


  8. Hi Sage!
    Looks like spring is trying to poke her head out and chase Ol’ Man Winter away! Yeahhhh!
    Love as always your forest and river area. We could find lots of water together searching the woods and trails. It’s my fave thing to do…..H2O searches!

    Sophie…psst I just got a hair cut…oh my!!!


  9. Hi Y’all!

    Gee Golly, Sage! You should LOVE bath time! You love water so much!
    Yeh, I get your point about the HOSE…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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