Muddy Monday–3/11

Well, you knew it had to happen. After all, there’s mud EVERYWHERE!

How do you like my mud beard? Pretty neat, huh?Sage with mud beard ©

Many of you ask about a bath afterwards. Sometimes that happens, but Mom’s pretty sneaky sometimes. I often get my bath by swimming in a clean pond not too far from this mud-hole (which, by the way, is my fave). This time, I fell down on my job of retrieving a lost ball, so she found a stick and threw it many times out into the pond. Of course, I play along with her strategy, because not only do I get rid of the mud, but even the stink comes off! And I don’t have to have a bath.


And bringing it back is a cinch…I even had help!

Then, today of all days (since it’s Muddy Monday), my bud Oz over at Oz the Terrier wrote a limerick about me! You should go visit Oz…March is limerick month over at his site and he’s got some good ones! Thanks, Oz!!

It goes like this:

There once was a mix of Collie and Kelpie
who obviously needed some help-y.
Loved to wallow in mud
and become covered in crud
then during baths got whiny and yelp-y.

27 thoughts on “Muddy Monday–3/11

  1. Wow, Sage, that mud beard makes you look like a cast member of The Hobbit! I think you’ve found your Halloween costume!

    Love the limerick!
    -Chandra at DDY.


  2. BOL! I didn’t even know it was going to be Muddy Monday…what a perfect day to post your Limerick!!! You really crack me up with that mud, Sage. Dog, you really love to get dirty.
    *Cairn cuddles*


  3. Ok, I am seriously jealous! I love to get totally muddy! Looks like a super mud place you found there and I don’t mind that sneaky mom bath thing either…


  4. You would have loved my back yard this morning. It was one huge mud puddle, so in your honor I ran around “like a crazy dog,” as my mommy says, and returned to the door wet and dirty. It was such fun, until I had to be cleaned off. Wish I could have done the pond bath like you!


  5. Heh. That’s a great limerick. 🙂 Mama should carry a bar of Ivory soap this time of year. It’s pure, it floats, And it’s easy to use in the pond.


  6. Hahaha Sage your Mom is very sneaky and I’m thinkin you like that about her 😀
    Great mud bath you got my furiend! Muck er I mean Mud becomes ya 😉
    Luved the limerick Oz wrote for ya – way cool! 😀

    Waggin at ya,


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