Why Do I Dig?

Well. Duh. I’m a herding breed and easily bored. There are times that a ball or a race with a fellow dog just isn’t enough. How hard is that to understand? And, it’s spring. A time when the dirt is warming up and sending me vibes that say:

Dig….Dig…. Dig.

But, I think Mom was hoping that, now that I’m a bit over 3-years-old, I’d be over it.


Holy comoly. I’m just beginning!

I guess her first clue was my recent digs at the river.

I don’t do this lightly (most of the time) and spend a long time sniffing at one spot along the shoreline. At one point, Mom was beginning to wonder whether I was going to find something nefarious and she’d have to call 911, but I finally told her it was just some stinky fish that left it’s scent there.

I worked down the beach and found another hole some dog had started.

Mom re-seeded the back yard today.

Somehow, I have to refrain from destroying it….

22 thoughts on “Why Do I Dig?

  1. Me and Nellie love to dig holes in the lawn and in mummy’s garden. For some reason she does not appreciate all our efforts and says We are bad dogs and should stop doing it at once. You will be glad to know We take no notice of her at all. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.


  2. You are lucky that you have the beach to do some digging. If I start doing any of that in our yard my daddy yells at me or throws a toy to distract me.



  3. Vof Sage, I’m sure you smell or hear there something interesting! Me and Hanna don’t dig often but our Golden friend loves to dig on the beach and to find there deep in the sandy water stone covered with sea-smell. Then she likes to carry that special stone for home. She has lots of stones at home! Hugs from Nero


  4. Woof! Woof! Not sure if you read my post about ME digging ( I posted reasons why dogs dig). I learned how to dig when I was in HI and on the beach. WOW! You are a good digger too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  5. Sage, you’re such a good dog. You know where you can and can’t dig and that’s commendable. I wish I had a better handle on where I can and can’t scratch..I still forget.


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