Getting Lost is Scary.

Before Mom left, we went to 1000 Acres with my friends Toby, Heidi and Macy for what we thought was a quick trip. The trees were blooming and the sky was blue. I was all set for a racing, chasing couple hours of fun.

Flowering treeI alway stop at my favorite mud hole to cool off, but this is what I found. Was this a portension of what was to come?My mud hole was dry!



Can you believe it? What’s a self-respecting, mud-wallowing dog to do? But, don’t worry, I didn’t ponder about it very long. I had my friends with me and there’s always the job of looking for balls in the meadow to look forward to.


TobyWe took a new path and ended up at the Columbia River. We (that’s us dogs) took off down to the shoreline, but Mom and her friend decided to go another way. They called us up the hill and we took off down the path. Except Toby wasn’t with us. And he didn’t come. We searched and search up and down the shoreline, but Toby wasn’t to be found. After an hour or so, Mom and I went up the hill to see if he’d come back. We called and called and finally here he came! He didn’t tell us where he’d been, but we were so glad to see him, that we didn’t care. His Mom was very relieved, but she made sure he stayed really close the rest of the way back to the car.

It would be scary to get lost, so I always make sure I can see Mom when we are out and I’m racing around. And she’s glad I do that too!

Pee Ess: I Skyped with Mom and she said she’s sorry we haven’t been to visit everyone. She got a sinus infection and has been very busy getting better and playing with the little Popstar. But she’s almost better now. 

15 thoughts on “Getting Lost is Scary.

  1. Oh gracious, Sage – that is very scary. I’m so glad Toby came back before his mom got too terribly worried.

    And I hope your mom is feeling better soon. Lots of people around getting the sickies lately.


  2. My sister has taken off on mom and I did once too, it is super scary, but I get sidetracked by my hound nose and forget about mom by accident. I normally never leave mom’s side.


  3. That’s probably why we never get to go off leash, Mom doesn’t think we would come back for a long time. We like to run too much and too far. We are so glad Toby is such a smart dog to come back, but what a scary time it must have been for everyone looking for him.

    Sinus infections are no fun, we hope Mom is better soon.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  4. It is SO scary to lose a pup – I’m so glad you found Toby and he was safe and sound. Cali is just like you, she keeps us within her site line and we really appreciate it!! I hope your mom is feeling better soon!!


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