I Must Be Living Right!

Those of you who are my Facebook friends already know the big news–my Sagemobile is fixed! Here’s what I think happened:

The people at the Volkswagen plant way over in Germany read my blog and knew…just KNEW…how important the Sagemobile is to me. So they hurried up and made a new ignition switch, put it on a rocket and sent it all the way to Portland, Oregon. It landed BAM right into my car. And it was all fixed. Just like that!! 

Germany to Portland © sagechronicles.wordpress.com

I knew what that meant.

Anticipation was building.

I was pacing the floor…

let’s go MOM, let’s go!!

So off we went to my favorite place ever…1000 Acres.

© sagechronicles.wordpress.comI had the best time running and playing. There were plenty of mud puddles and I made sure to inspect most of them. I saw this giant bird (a blue Heron) out by a pond and swam over to see it better, except it decided to go somewhere else. I think it dipped its wing at me as it flew over. 

31 thoughts on “I Must Be Living Right!

  1. Hip Hip Hooray – now we won’t have to miss any of (Mis) adventures of Sage. Awesome service!!!

    No snow here, Sage, but lots of mud puddles. Lightning is sure Mom would let him go out and play if you were to come visit. So c’mon over!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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