What’s Happening

The weather has been absolutely gorgemous here lately, so I’ve been helping Mom get the garden planted. We’ve been to several local garden nurseries–I go along to ensure Mom gets the safest plants (for me) and prettiest posies possible.

We’re hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes this year…well, she is. (My thoughts on that subject are not really printable. 🙂 ) 

All the more for me, Sage! 

Not to say we haven’t had FUN. I haven’t been out to 1000 acres much lately, but the last time I was there, I had to ensure the mud puddles were still good.

These may be the last mud puddles for a while. 😦 The weather person says we are going to have a drier and hotter next 3 months, so I’m going to be spending a lot more time at the river!

And Mom was VERY glad I’ve been digging there rather than in her garden. OR the new grass….


31 thoughts on “What’s Happening

  1. This weather is the BEST!! We are hoping for a bumper crop of everything..mostly tomatoes too! This is ideal weather to dog paddle about…Paddle on, Sage!



  2. Well, Sage, we wish we could say the same here, but we have had a VERY wet spring, the yard is sopping wet, the grass is very green and it is about 8 inches long. Mom is wishing she still had her own mower, because our mowing service is so far behind, they all are. BUT we do have lots of mud:)

    The flowers in the garden are beautiful.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. We have tomatoes coming too and we didn’t plant any. We just had some come up all on their own!!!!!! We have a bunch ot them tomatoes ripening in the vines!!!
    Love your flowers Sage and Mom………


  4. We are super excited about the nice weather too! We planted our garden (now all we need to do is keep Cali from taking a nap on one of the beds!) Hope you had a great weekend!!


  5. Hey, sweet Sage you are a super digger just like me. I sneaked and dug in Mumsy’s garden yesterday and she fussed at me. Now why would she do that? Hugs and nose kisses Chancy


  6. Sage you are so irresistible in that puddle of mud. Made me smile and for that I’m so grateful. And, looks like you dig a great job getting the digging outta yer system. That’s a mightly fine hole you dun dug. Wag wag BOL Max & Bella (& biped mom-geogeous spring flower photos. I’m thrilled that today it’s raining in droughty So. Calif and perhaps we’ll see some lovely blooms like that-fingers crossed).


  7. It is also dry here in NH, but we are expecting some rain at the end of the week. I am so glad, Sage, that you have a river to go to when your mud puddles dry up! And that is definitely a better place for you to dig than in your Mom’s gardens and lawn!


  8. Your mud season is ending and mine has just begun! Digging in the sand at the beach looks to be just as much fun though, and then you can wash off in the surf!


  9. It looks like your mom has been BUSY. I’m with you on the tomatoes. Yuk. I’ll take a banana over that any day. If you’re going to be swimming in the river, at least you won’t get A Bath every time you get home from your muddy walks! That’s good, no? X


  10. ONE DAY ANN I AM Going TO SEE WHAT I TYPE!!!!!!!!
    Every female over the age of 70 in my Mothers family has had it and many have died by my age.
    I only have a bad day every so often and by the time my Mother was my age she didn’t know who I was!!! She lived to be 90 b/c she had good care but as soon as she lost that care she had a stroke and died.


  11. Hey Sage,

    I’m sure your digging skills are transferable and you can help mom with her digging and planting at home too! 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  12. Oh Sage, you are such a mud-bunny! BOL We had terrierible rains last week but this week is supposed to be clear and sunny. Thank dog, I say because I hate rain…and puddles…and mud. *sigh*
    *Cairn cuddles*


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