31 thoughts on “WW: Beam Me Up!

  1. My Mom was so surprised how slow you were to jump in the pool. She said it took you nearly 10 seconds from when you came into the back yard. Heidi, Macy, and I just drink from it. 🙂


  2. Swimming pool and sunshine, does it get any better than that? here’s a hint….if you get in and out a lot you can drag lots of dirt back in and make it much dirtier….that’s what my dogs do! 🙂 Theirs doesn’t stay clean for long!


  3. Sage,
    Your waters be way too clean. Jump out a minit and dig a hole so the dirt flies backwards into your pool then you will has youself a nice big mud puddle! Or is you trying to beam in some mud. Digging works better, trust me on this.


  4. Hi Sagey-girl! Long time, no sniff as I have been away. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself in the sunshine but honestly, in clean water and not a mud puddle?!? I’m a bit disappointed.
    *Cairn cuddles*


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