The Case of the Missing Cat

I do my best to maintain my herding skills with all the neighborhood critters. There’s a house in the ‘hood that always has cats, cats, cats all over the place. Mom says they’re feral, whatever that means. The other day, we saw 5 (one was under the car)!

I think they were waiting for breakfast.

Then, there’s the elusive squirrel. They try their best to aggravate me to death with their chatter, chatter, chatter. One of these days, I’m gonna figure out how to climb a tree! Does anyone have a tree-climbing class for dogs that I could take?

Then, there’s my kitties…Thailing and Mystic. They always stay indoors so they don’t know anything about ferals or squirrels or such. But, Thailing went missing the other day (this is her when she’s not missing)

….except no one knew it but Mystic.

Mystic (at midnight): Mom, Thailing went out.

Mom (at midnight): We’re in here, Mystic. What’s wrong?

Mystic (2am): MOM, Thailing is out!

Mom (2am): What’s the matter, Mystic? Come get on the bed with us.

Mystic (5:30am): MOM, You’ve got to let her in! She’s scared.

Mom (5:30am): Awww, Mystic. You’ve been really fussy. What’s the matter? Do you want some lovin’? Here, let me hold you a minute. 

You’re wondering about now why Mom didn’t understand what Mystic was saying. Well, let me tell you, I did! And, when they let me out to go potty a few hours later, guess who I found? Thailing!! I brought her back to the door; we both came in and Mystic stopped fussing.

All that work with ferals and squirrels has paid off. I can definitely say: Case solved! 

(Pee Ess: No kitties were harmed in this adventure and Mom is looking for cat-speak lessons.)


23 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Cat

  1. Oh Sage I am so pround of you!!!! You are such a good girl!!! Bambi use to want to climb the trees too so badly!! She thought if the squirrials could climb she should be able to too!!! lol


  2. You earned your treats, Sage. And on that tree climbing thing–maybe you could learn to climb a tree if someone put a mud puddle high up in the branches! Have a great weekend . . . and keep everyone herded and together!


  3. Sage, you saved the day by bringing Thailing in! Good show! *high paws* In regard to the squirrels, I hear ya…chatter, chatter, chatter. I tree them too but have not figured out how to get up the tree. *sigh* If you find classes on tree climbing, let me know!
    *Cairn cuddles*


  4. Hey Sage,

    Glad you’ve been practicing those herding skills and were able to do the ‘cat round up’ so well!! And if you find some tree climbing classes let me know, cos I so need them too! 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  5. Yes Ann, that is the next door you can see in those pictures!!!!!! It has made so much more sun in our yard now!!! I’ll take a picture or two of the destruction going on to post on the blog….


  6. Good job bringing your cat back in Sage! It’s a good thing you are able to interpret cat-speak. BTW, I love the animal names in your family.
    Those darn squirrels are so noisy, aren’t they? Do you dare them to come down and see you? 🙂


  7. Wow! So glad you are on the job Sage!
    My cat Nick likes to sneak out of the house all of the time. He’s really sneaky about it too. I have come home from work o find him wandering the backyard. I have also found him yowling in the garage and meowing at the front door. I always try to catch him before he gets out. but like I said, he’s really sneaky. Maybe I just need a Sage of my own to help!

    Now go get those squirrels Sage!


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