WW: A Passion

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Auguste Rodin said it well: Love your calling with passion, it is the meaning of your life.”

Well, maybe with a little mud thrown in for good measure….

32 thoughts on “WW: A Passion

  1. What a wonderful picture!!! You are the best catcher in the world Sage!!!
    I put some great pictures on my blog today too!!! YAY for me!!! Getting the hang of it…


  2. Sage is awesome!

    Honey loves to fetch but she’s not always a great catcher. Whenever she misses a ball on a bad bounce, my husband yells, “Let’s Go Mets!”

    Maybe Sage could write a catching tutorial?


  3. There is 15 acres next door to me and they are going to build 40 houses on that land!!!!!!! The houses are going to be so close to each other–only 8 ft apart!!!


  4. Hi Y’all!

    That’s a fantastic photo of you Sage! One question…where’s the mud?

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  5. Hiya Sage!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it meant a lot to me!
    That looked superb fun, I really enjoy to play with my ball too!
    Have a grrreat week!
    Pippa 🙂 woof


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