Note to Mom

I thought I’d be really sad when you and Dad left yesterday to go see little Popstar. But my favorite sitter in the whole world, S, came over just as you were leaving. We went out and looked for some squirrels in the back yard and when we came in, you were gone. And I wasn’t sad! S thought I was really glad to see her, but she had something I was eying–a yummy pesto mozzarella sandwich. You know, Mom, if I stand there and stare look at her really nicely, she gives me a bite!

I’m glad you sent me that picture of the deer you saw on the way to San Francisco. I’d probably stay way far away, like I do horses, but they were cool to look at.

Deer © sagechronicles.wordpress.comOh! Guess what? I got to go to 1000 Acres this morning with my pack! Shaking ©

That bit of rain we were having when you left made a mud puddle. Just for me! I shook off all over Toby, but he didn’t care. Then we headed for the pond. On the way, I found something teensy, tiny to roll in. I know S will love my eau de stink perfume…I hope she takes the time to appreciate it before I get hosed off. 🙂

I’m being very, very good for S. I only dropped the ball down the stairs once last night. I’m going to be really busy for the next few days, so I won’t be able to visit all our blog friends until you get home next week. I hope they all understand…

I’ll send you a text every day and let you know what I’m doing. Oh! And I promise I won’t run across the street after crows (like I did the last time you left). Have fun with little Popstar!

Love you Mom and Dad,


17 thoughts on “Note to Mom

  1. We are glad you are having a good time sweet Sage. Staying busy and having fun you will hardly miss your mom and dad but we know you will be most happy to see them when they get home. It is great that you have a wonderful sitter that you love. Keep having fun! Hugs and nose kisses


  2. Sage, you are so sweet to keep Mom up to date on all your adventures while she is away. We hope she has a great time with the Popster – bet the Popster will be very happy to have Mom come to visit.

    Now, Sage, have lots of fun, but do try to be a good girl too:0

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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