Sunglasses? Me?

I was lounging on the couch checking out what was going on in Blogville and, lo and behold, I saw it was Sunglasses Day, hosted by the fabulous Ranger and Frankie!

Sunglasses ©

 Looking out the window, I knew I was going to have a problem–no sunshine. What to do? What to do? You know how prim and proper I am. 🙂 How can one wear sunglasses when there’s no sun?

 I went outside and thought and thought. And finally decided:

What the heck? Do it anyway.

And, I did.

Aren’t I just too cute for words?

26 thoughts on “Sunglasses? Me?

  1. Vof Sage, you know that the cool guys were sunglasses even inside. I have to say that you look very smart with glasses! I prefer less sun so I can run and don’t feel hot. Kisses from Nero


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