You’re Watering AGAIN?

I found the best hidey place right here beside the hosta. You see, as much as I like water,

© sagechronicles.wordpress.comit has to be on my terms.

A river.

The ocean.

A mud hole.

My pool.





NOT THE HOSE© sagechronicles.wordpress.comI’m watching you, Mom.

Pee Ess: Since my 3rd Blogiversary is coming up the end of this month, AND, Mom’s going to New Hampshire tomorrow for a whole week, I’m going to re-blog some of my earlier posts this next week. Mom will try to get back to you as much as possible, but is only taking her tablet.

18 thoughts on “You’re Watering AGAIN?

  1. Our dogs don’t like the hose much either and we haven’t had to get it out much here in New Hampshire…..but I hope the rain lets up for when your Mom is here, Sage!! I wonder what part of NH she will be in? We live in the west central part of the state, and just got back from 3 nights in the Northern part of the state….way up near Canada. Hope she has a great visit here. Looking forward to reading some of your older posts….since I’m fairly new reading yours, and never have time to go back as far as I’d like to.


    • She’ll be somewhere on the eastern side of Lake Winnipesaukee. I’m helping her pack right now and told her I’d fit in that suitcase really well!


      • I think you would, Sage, and I think you would like that big lake! Lake Winnipesaukee is beautiful, and the weather has been hot enough here that a lake is a good place to be. Enjoy, Mom!


    • One of our dogs was like that too….she loved the hose, would jump and chase the water. Then next thing we knew she wanted nothing to do with it! Strange!


  2. Oh Sage, sweetheart, Bella is right with you there on the hose thingie. Eek! (And she’s pretty comfy lying about in my hostas as well. 😉

    Hope your mom has a fun time in NH. She’ll be right next door to us so we’re wondering whereabouts she’ll be. Hope where ever it is, it’s cool and fun.


  3. Around here the sky has been watering us every day for weeks…I don’t like that much either Sage…pee ess you look really cute snuggled into those hostas today


  4. Hope your human enjoys her trip and has safe travels…well wishes for her…looking forward to reading some of your old posts…beautiful hostas by the way!!!! Looks like the perfect hiding place Sage!!!!


  5. Sage, we really cannot believe you don’t like water from the hose. Not even to drink? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  6. I hate the hose too! Typist was watering last night, when her dog barked at her making her jump and when she jumped she accidentally turned and sprayed her dog, he was very cross she laughed!! How mean is that?!


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