Originally posted July 27, 2010, this is a glimpse into my early life and some of my training!

Before I was 4 months old, my family took me to a new place where I was supposed to learn stuff. It was a pretty neat place because there were three other dogs my age and I got tons of treats–I love treats. And we got to play! And my Mom & Dad got to learn stuff–oh, was I suppose to learn it too? I sorta paid attention, but when they gave me all those really good treats, I decided maybe there’s something to this learning stuff business.

By this time,Β I was buds with Toby and he said he’d help me with some of this homework I have to do. All this sitting and downing stuff. I have to sit before they feed me. I have to sit before I go out. I guess it’s OK as long as the treats keep coming. And I get to go back to class and play!!

I graduated from that class and was pretty proud! I had new friends and did what my Mom and Dad asked. But they said that wasn’t the end of it. I had to go back to school to learn some more stuff.

But in-between, I got to go on long walks and learn about the back yard. There are lots of sticks around–they keep falling out of the sky from this tree. So, I guess I need to help Mom clean them up by chewing on them.

Well, soon I was back in school. This time, I met a new bunch of friends. They were older than me, but that’s OK–I learned how to play from Toby. Boy, this time I got to eat some really good stuff–something called hotdogs. And all I had to do was run to Mom or Dad when they said Sage, NOW. And they fed me and fed me–I thought I was in heaven. Now is a good word.

I also learned another word, which was “come”. For that I got cheese. Isn’t this the dog’s life? Do a little something to make Mom & Dad happy and I get cheese AND hotdogs! And Mom takes me for walks every day and I love walking right next to her. She pops a treat in my mouth a lot. None of that pulling and walking way ahead for me–I’d miss the treats! We also worked on walking in class and my teacher said I did very good. She was very proud of me. That makes me happy.

I don’t go to school any more, but I heard Mom and Dad talking about a new class coming up. I wonder what that will be?

14 thoughts on “School

  1. I love school–I’m four years old and I still go to school; I’m either very smart or a really slow learner. πŸ˜‰ It looks like you did an excellent job of training your humans to give you really yummy treats. Well done, Sage. πŸ˜‰


  2. My Burce when to school too but there were no treats. The teacher though that was not good to be gaving food to dogs while they were learning. Bruce did real good in school. He was a smart wonderful dog!!! you are a smart wonderful dog too Sage!!


  3. I remember puppy school Sage…I was a tiny guy then and worked real hard to get my deeplowmaw which made Momz proud…Love that picture of baby you and Toby


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