Play Fun!

I know, I know. I’ve been missing. But I’m BACK with a whole lot of fun to tell you about. 1000 Acres twice in the past two days fun. I know you think I go there a LOT, but this dog loves sproinging in the meadows

and swimming in the rivers.

And, of course, you know what happens during rainy season. 🙂

You can't catch me, Heidi!

You can’t catch me, Heidi!

No rain in sight for a couple of months, but that’s OK. There’s always a dust bath.©

After a dunk in the water, what’s better than a roll in the dirt?

Oh, wait.

I know!



a roll in M..U..D.

But for now, I’ll settle for a bowl of water.© sagechronicles.wordpress.comMom says I have to take some time to visit all of you. So, I will!!

20 thoughts on “Play Fun!

  1. Sage I have to tell you that “sproinging” is my new favorite verb…It’ perfectly describes what you’re doing in those photos…Are you sure about that dust bath? Around here that could lead to dire consequences (like the t-u-b)


  2. Sage it is lovely to meet you! what a beautiful girl you are and what a lovely story on your rescue…you are certainly having a happy life now which is wonderful..i am glad I found your bloggie and look forward to more stories of your life,,and you look like you are having a wonderful time at the park 🙂


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