B&W Sunday: Deep Thoughts

I have the most interesting thoughts while digging. You know, deep thoughts like: How far down can I dig? Where will I end up? How far can I sling the sand? But Mom gets bored before my hole reaches perfection and starts walking off. See me looking? I always have to check and make sure she hasn’t gone.


 She’s good for about a half hour — people and other dogs come by. She talks to the people. The dogs look at my hole in awe. I concentrating on digging. But I know Mom’s only good for that half hour. Then I hear: I’m leaving! Serious diggingOf course, Mom’s my responsibility and I can’t have her wandering off without me. So, I leave my hole and catch up. I know there are lots of holes to be dug, and, I will definitely dig them! And there’s always a fresh palette of sand waiting for me at the river…Mom says there’s something called a “tide” that comes in and fills in my hole. What’s up with that?

24 thoughts on “B&W Sunday: Deep Thoughts

  1. We think your mom should bring a chair and a good book (or whatever she likes to do) and see how long you would actually dig before stopping on your own. Maybe you would go all the way to China!

    Millie & Walter


  2. I used to try to build walls to keep the tide from wrecking whatever awesome thing I had made in the sand, Sage, but it doesn’t work. This post about how into digging one can get makes me understand Brychwyn and his sometimes rude and snappy protection of his holes. Thanks!


  3. How can she even think about leaving before you’re done?! How rude! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  4. My mommy’s a lot like that when I start sniffing on our walks. Just when I really get into sniffing a very special spot, I hear, “Ok, Miss Lee. You got it. Let’s go.” And then she tugs on my leash and it’s off we go. Moms just don’t understand. 😉


  5. Your mom is very patient to give you a whole half hour to dig Sage…mye perfect momz lasts about 5 minutes and then the digging must stop so I never get close to the perfect hole…L:ove the little splash of pink in your ears 🙂


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