Stormy Dreams

It’s been raining for days here in the Pacific NW, but it seems like forever in dog years. I look out the window and stare wistfully at the street. Day 4 of rainI bet you’re saying: Sage, you LOVE water. What’s up? Well, you know, it has to be on my terms. I’m a true Oregon dog–mud and water–but this stuff falling from the sky, day after day, gets me all confuserated–how am I supposed to swim in it? There’s puddles, that’s for sure, but I only get in them after running and running and running and getting H..O..T. We’ve managed to get a few walks in, but you know me! It’s NOT enough.Rain, rainSo, I dreamed of my last trip to the coast–just a few days ago–before the rain. I usually go with Mom’s friend’s pack–Toby, Heidi and Macy. But we added more-a pack of 6! Notice who’s the smallest :). How much fun was that? (LOTS)The whole gang

It starts with a race across the sands. Heidi watches as I zoom by.Racing across the sandThen a little surf timeFun in the surf

I love running out and cooling down in the water!

Reflecting clouds

You already know I found a sand dollar or two. After a rousing game of sand dollar frisbee, we stopped to take a rest. I sorta got covered with sand, but I don’t know how that happened…Sandy Sage

Heidi rested a little bit differently than I. Heidi taking a rest

She’s my newest BFF–I even taught her some of the finer points of herding and she now does a pretty good job of the initial crouch. Interestingly, some of the Saint Bernard’s ancestral roots are Swiss herding dogs, even though they were bred for rescue. 

But as all dreams go, they come to an end…

Sage: Is it EVER going to stop raining?

Mom: It will, but not before I have to leave you for a week.

Sage: WHAT? My dream just turned into a nightmare!

Mom: I know, I know. You’ll be fine, though. Your pack will be around and you’ll be well taken care of by your Dad and your favorite pet-sitter. And besides, I’m going to take care of the Popstar. She talks about her ‘Sagie’ all the time. And you know I’ll send you pictures! AND, we’ll have lots of fun when I get home.

31 thoughts on “Stormy Dreams

  1. Oh Sage rain….I think I agrees with you me and Forrest loves a swim,in the dam in the sheep bath in our poolz..but rain stinkz..and we have it here and it just won’t go…and your mumz going away..boy you really iz having a bad run Sage ..Doggie high paws Doc


  2. Maybe you need a bucket of pop corn for all this rain? What’s up with all mom’s of the world that they want to run away and leave us alone? Ok, Dad is Dad and he is there, but Dad is NOT Mom :o(


  3. Oh, poor Sage, first all the rain, and then Mom’s going away! At least you have your good memories of the beach and your new BFF Heidi to get you through. I bet you’ll still have fun with Dad and your pet sitter (I bet they’ll let you plan in the mud puddles when the rain stops), and can look forward to even more fun when Mom gets back!


  4. Sorry the weather hasn’t cooperated with you lately. Sure looked like you had fun with your friends at the beach.

    Millie & Walter


  5. I know what you mean Sage…It’s fun to run around the big water likes lakes and stuff but the rain from the sky is no fun at all…Just hang in there and dream of your fun beach days and river days and one day soon you’ll have a nice sunny day


  6. Sage, we had a great MOL and our mom an LOL when we saw Heidi. We sure could tell you were having a great time at the beach and the scenery was lovely, according to Mom. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.


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