Beach Critters

The weather was yucky last week and I’ve done my very best to drive Mom, Dad and the kitties NUTS. And Mom was downstairs sewing and not paying attention to me (or you). The nerve…right?

Chasing SQs was some of the best entertainment to be had…

Get it?

pretty boring, huh?

 In between harassing Mystic

and looking all googly-eyed at Mom (walk? I need a walk NOW), I reflected on some recent beach trips and all the critters (or what’s left of them) I find on the beach. You know a Renaissance Dog is well-versed in various sciences, so today I wanted to introduce you to Invertebratology (or whatever it’s called). Invertebrates are all pretty spineless critters, at least that’s what I think.Invertebrate collageAnd we’ve seen all of these just lying around waiting for me to sniff (or have a little game of sand dollar frisbee). But spineless or not, I think the best are the crab pieces. Sage and the crabThey smell…well…just plain good. And easy to roll on or chew. Whatever tickles your fancy.  

See? Being a Renaissance Dog isn’t hard at all! We all know those spineless critters–worms and slugs count, you know.

Stay tuned for the next chapter….

22 thoughts on “Beach Critters

  1. Seeing all that wonderfully smelly beach stuff makes me want to roll on my monitor! Seriously, the peeps should invent scratch-n-sniff monitors!


    • Eau de Stink is the best, especially dabbed behind the ears. Although getting my head scrubbed is not my fave.

      And don’t you worry, Savvy, Mystic really loves me. She acts like she’s being tortured and then she comes over and rubs all over me. Silly kitty.


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