Cold? Who’s Cold??

Certainly not me, although Mom begs to differ. It’s been wondrously cold–I mean below freezing cold–for almost a week now. And that’s during the day. So, I’ve been going a bit stir-crazy and it’s all Mom’s fault. She’s the one who took the car keys away from me. And it was all because I went in the river to cool down after a rousing game of ball.

So let me tell you my side of the story. I was BORED–I mean crazy bored–so Mom took me to play ball. It was a balmy 27° F (-3° C) and I heard: Don’t go to the river! So I did. I was hotter than a pistol (or so they say) and it was so refreshing. Except that Mom took me right back to the car. My furs felt a little heavy for some reason. We went home and Mom rubbed and rubbed my furs. All that heavy water went away and I was refreshed. I just don’t understand why she won’t take me back….

Mom: Never fear, Sage was perfectly fine, although a bit icy, but only on her fur. She does love winter, even with no snow. 

Mom didn’t take one photo of my funny feeling fur, but there’s ice all over the place. Just not on me any more….

Just so you believe me, Mom’s son and DIL went hiking yesterday up in the Columbia Gorge and took this amazing photo of Multnomah Falls.Multnomah Falls 12-8-13

I was glad my furs weren’t that frozen!!

27 thoughts on “Cold? Who’s Cold??

  1. Sage, we cannot believe you like weather THAT cold or that you actually ventured into the river. Mom is shivering just thinking about it. The photo of the falls is absolutely stunning. We have ice coating our trees right now, but it is supposed to warm up into the 40s. It is taking it’s darn sweet time, however. It has only gone up two degrees in four hours. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  2. We are so glad you got to have some fun out where you like to be. But we too are glad your furs were not that frozen and your mom got all that ice off of it. Our high has been 26 for a few days now, Chancy don’t like the cold and the ice that he has to walk on when he is out. He ran on it yesterday and this morning and was sliding all over the place. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Oh wow! What a beautiful photo! My dogs love to play in the cold and snow, too, but the chickens aren’t too happy about it. They don’t like to leave the house when it’s this cold.


  4. I’m cold too!! I’m ready for this weather to be over!

    Icy fur? That’s pretty extreme, Sage! I love the waterfall – It would be cool if it froze!


  5. Oh Sage. I so missed reading about your (mis)adventures while my humans were away. You would be sooooo happy here right now. We haven’t seen the sun in a week and we’ve had day after day after day of rain. There is so much mud . . . you might even find it all a bit overwhelming. No, probably not. 😉


  6. Maybe you have some Husky in woo Sage?? BOL!! We are loving all the snow and cold we are having this way. Tell your mom to bring you to Michigan. Then we can all play together!!

    Beautiful Waterfall!! Just breathtaking!


  7. Holy cow! What a terrific shot! Unreal.

    I think we can all relate Sage. The kids at Casa del Mel are going crazy too. Staying outside for a long time isn’t even an option at -10 derees. Tomorrow’s high? Zero. No joke.

    So glad mom got you dried off right away. Brrr!!!!


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