Friday Wrap-up

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season–we sure did. I stayed home while Mom and Dad went to see the little Popstar

Riding her scooterand a gorilla or two.Baby gorilla







See the baby gorilla? She likes getting rides on Grandma’s back. The Popstar had to call me up and tell me all about it!

calling MimiI missed them and was crazy happy when they walked in the door!! And I missed all of you and can’t wait to catch up with everyone.

While I didn’t get to ride on the back of a gorilla, I did cozy up to a big bird at Home Depot.

Me: Excuse me, Mr. Bird. Could you tell me where I could find sink aerators?at Home DepotMr. Bird: Sure!  Just go this way to Aisle 15 and they’ll be on your left. 

I hope Mom has more home repair projects—I like seeing Mr. Bird. He was very helpful.


Mom took me to 1000 Acres a couple of days ago. Let me tell you, digging for mice and voles is dirty, hard work, but someone has to do it. A quick dip in a mud puddle didn’t even begin to get the dirt off!Dog tiredUm, I guess you know what that means…..Mom even got out the doggy shampoo. After a nice warm outdoor bath, I settled down for a loooooong winter’s nap with visions of mud puddles dancing through my head.

This morning, it was off to coffee with my buddy, Heidi. at the coffee shopHeidi: Would you make mine a latte?

Me: I’ll take mine black. Oh. And would you please throw in a biscuit or two?

I hope your week has been as good as mine…see you soon!

17 thoughts on “Friday Wrap-up

  1. Look at the little Popstar – she isn’t so little any more – what a cutie!!!

    We can’t imagine having an outdoor bath here – it is frigid. We would all turn into ice statues. But Lightning might be tempted if it meant he could first get muddy:)

    Happy New Year – glad you are back.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  2. Hi Sage, I can’t see anything so i hope I am saying what i want to say!! I have missed you but we have been real busy here. Tom’s sister and step-mom are sick. One here in Tallahassee and one in Georgia. His sister will probably die or at lest never come home again. So busy!! So glad mom is home with you!!


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