Wordy Wednesday: Catch

Early on, when I was just a wee lass, I found out playing ball was one of my favorite sports. You’ve seen me doing this many times.Ball PlayingI don’t miss very often and always, always take it back to Mom. That’s the rule. Catch!

One of the very basic tricks a dog can learn is “catch”, except I thought it was rather beneath me when Mom started throwing food at me. I like food as much as the rest of you, but, come on…throwing it at me? Food’s supposed to be in a bowl. All neat and such.

So, one day, not long ago, Mom threw a treat at me and said ‘catch’–like she always does. I’ve gone 4 years and not done it, so why start now? But something told me this might be a fun game to do on those cold, rainy days. So I got in the stance and did it. peanuts

And caught it.

33 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Catch

  1. Word Press has not been playing nice with me lately!!!!! So here I am!!! Bruce use to play ball just like you do Sage so enthusiastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But at an early age he wanted to catch everything!! So he caught his treats and anything else I would throw at him!!!! LOL I miss him so much and I lost him in 1984!!!! with cancer!!


  2. I did not get that “catch” gene that you have, Sage. My humans were terribly disappointed about this, but then one day I decided that I wanted to start catching the little squeaky eggs that get stuffed into my alligator toy. But that’s all I want to catch.


    • Sage couldn’t be bother either until all just recently. Not sure what the big change was, but she sure loves it. I wasn’t up on the dog show, but it does look like fun. Sage is deeply in need of some heavy-duty running, though, so I anticipate a trip to 1000 acres is in our cards. And, trust me, she needs it.


  3. Sage, you are pawsome at catching, but that photo with all your teeth showing really scared us. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  4. If Honey could catch a ball as well as she catches food, we’d have a lot more stunning pictures like yours Sage. 🙂

    I’ve trained Honey to sit on her pillow in the kitchen when I’m cooking by tossing her a little morsel every so often. If she gets underfoot she gets nothing. But as long as she stays planted on her bed, she gets cheese, orange slices, bits of chicken. She thinks it’s a yummy game. I’m thankful she’s not standing under me when I’m working with hot pans and knives. And our friends are really impressed at how well trained she is.


  5. Vof Sage! We would make the best ever tennis ball team! I excersise every evening and often also day time. Your photos are fantastic! If I didn’t know you I would be scared with that one – you know which! I have missed you – sorry that we have been too busy lately. I’m often alone at home and mom goes to take care of ‘London’, you know the golden retriever. I think that’s unfair. But now we shall have coffee/coocie time in the garden! Hugs from Nero


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