My Mani-Pedi

See these tootsies? They’re mine and I’m very particular about them. No one, and I mean NO ONE, touches them. Mom’s been trying for years–sometimes I wake up from a dead sleep and she’s messing with my toes! What does she think? I’m gonna like it or something? my toesNow, a leg massage or a belly rub or, oooooh, a behind-the-ear rub is heavenly. Just don’t go near my feet.

So, today she tells me I need my nails clipped. Is she deaf or something? Or just plain dumb? Didn’t I say NO ONE touches my feet. Well, guess what? I lost….

We went to one of our favorite pet stores because ‘the best nail trimmer around’ was there this afternoon. We’ll see how good she is.

I danced around her. Backed up. Danced some more–generally let her know in no uncertain terms she was NOT touching MY feet. Then I heard her say ‘I’m going to treat her like a horse’. At that point, I knew she meant business.  And before I knew it, me AND my paws were every which way and it was done. And I didn’t die…

So, wait ’til you hear this one–the next thing I knew, a cat came in the store. Just to get its nails trimmed. Let me tell you, this cat rides in style!

cat in for nail trimmingI had to get a little closer–after all, this was a cat. Getting its nails trimmed. nail trimming--a cat

And it didn’t even seem to care. Well,except for me being so close. cat nail trimming

Mom said we’d better leave before I find out what a whack on my nose would feel like from a cat whose nails hadn’t been trimmed yet. Sort of a good idea, don’tcha think?

So, that’s the story about my mani-pedi. I may have to start neighing….

16 thoughts on “My Mani-Pedi

  1. Sage…what a good dog you were. Maybe you won’t be so nervous the next time, and trust us, we know there will be a next time. That cat sure does have a fancy ride. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giullietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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  3. I guessed it. You lost. Like me :o) I dislike those “pawdicure”. But the best is, it’s over soon. I agree with your mom, you better should wait till the nails of the kitty are trimmed :o)


  4. My Delia is just like you – very possessive of her feet! So, Bet, what exactly did treating you “like a horse” entail? If sure would be nice if I could take care of her toesies myself instead of taking her to a professional every week!


    • While Mom held my leash tight to the collar, the groomer got behind me and did my back feet. Then my two front legs were suddenly up in the air and she did my front paws while still standing behind me. Not sure if you can picture it, but it was over really fast! And Mom says worth every penny of the $5 it cost.


  5. I make sure Mom keeps the cat nails trimmed around here as they often smack us dogs in the face and we don’t need any blood drawn. I don’t like my nails done either…terrible task!


  6. Brychwyn and you have a lot in common, Sage. His groomer and small animal massage therapist both think he will someday like having his feet touched too but he disagrees!


  7. I don’t my nails being cut either, but the vet does it without fuss so I can’t complain too much. Hope you don’t have to have it done again anytime soon


  8. Way to go, Sage! Bella isn’t fond of folks feeling her footsies either. But sometimes it’s easier to rip the bandaid off all at once and just have it over with.

    I’m curious about that harness you’re wearing. Looks pretty heavy duty. I’m betting you’ve told us what it is here on the blog before but I seem to have missed it. Care to share that info here?


  9. Word press will not let me on again and I CAN NOT GET ON TWITTER EITHER!!! NO MATTER WHAT!! They keep saying I am not me!!! LOL


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