Up a Rock

Romp in the Park.


Beacon Rock, on the Washington side of the Gorge (Columbia Gorge), was our fun destination with Mr. N this week. We met in Washougal and had a quick romp in a nearby dog park (I even found 2 balls!) before setting out for our destination.



Beacon Rock, the core of an ancient volcano, is only around 850 feet high, but with over 50 switchbacks, it’s about a mile to the summit.  Beacon Rock

Mom put my cooling coat on and off we went…up and up and up. My head was spinnin’ with all the back and forthing on all those switchbacks. But, I was a smilin’ pup when we reached the top!

At the summit

At the summit

We could see Bonneville Dam to the east and watched people fishing on the river. It was so serene a chipmunk and a Steller’s Jay decided to join us for a bit. I didn’t even have the desire to chase that chipmunk! I guess it didn’t look enough like a squirrel. 😀

We stopped for a few photo ops on the way back down.

Happy Sage

and Mom made a little video of some of the seeniks we saw on the trip up and back

Mom is off to San Francisco to take care of the Popstar while her parents have a few togetherness days. She’ll be back in about a week knowing I’ll be a bit crazy…..

19 thoughts on “Up a Rock

  1. What a beautiful beautiful area Sage 🙂 and you and Mr N look fab! I bet the sniffs were wonderful and carried through the fresh air right into your noses 🙂 hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx


  2. Hi Sage… looks like a brilliant place for a hike… wish I could have joined you, however we have been hiking the Mt. Blanc last week and that was fun and exhausting as well. Were you as tired when reaching the top ? I was so knackered – you have no idea 🙂


  3. Geez! You can’t just toss a chipmunk into the middle of a slideshow without telling me. I almost killed the monitor trying to get at it! Anyway, super cool looking place to go hiking!


  4. Despite all the switchbacks, that must have been a very fun day for you and Mr. N. YOu both pose so nicely for your photos. Wish we could join you. We know you will miss your Mom but we bet she has a great time with Popstar.
    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  5. Sage, that was a most bootious hike! What seeniks! Yuppers, I say save up all your energies fur when the mom gets back so she takes you on anudder pawsome hike!


  6. The picture of you above the video sweet Sage is gorgeous. That is a beautiful place and we enjoyed the video. You saw lots of natures beauty…even saw some cute critters. Thanks for sharing! Hugs and nose kisses


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