De-Stressing Takes Many Forms

This is me at midnight on the 4th…

Fireworks are scary

                                             Mom, make those bad noises go away.

This is me the next day…

I really don’t like firecrackers, so there’s nothing like a trip to 1000 Acres to make me feel better.

AGAIN, we haven’t been around. Dad’s been sick and Mom’s was gone a LOT. She said she was ‘shoppin’, but I know it was because Dad was in some place called a hospital. I think it’s kinda like the vet, but when you have to stay. He’s home now and I’m glad!

22 thoughts on “De-Stressing Takes Many Forms

  1. aiiieeee…I knew, I just knew I have been away for too long Sage…please give Mom and Dad our bestest ever healing purrs…and warmest wishes for Dad’s recovery. And well, of course you would reconcile your worries about Dad with mud…right?


  2. Dear Sage. Hope you Dad is getting better now. The fireworks are still going on here ;( Mom has the TV turned up and we won’t go to bed until they are done and it can be turned off. Glad you had a good romp with your friends.


  3. Sage-
    Glad your dad is home and getting better.
    We are scared of fireworks too. We all watched a movie and held paws and we felt better.
    It’s good to be with the people you love, when you are scared.

    Wyatt and Stanzie


  4. hi sage.. i just had a meeting with an electric fence, pretty much like fireworks… takes me forever to calm down and get back to normal… so hang in there… paws up from me…


  5. Hope your dad is okay. We don’t care about all the boomers on the 4th. We were out playing in the yard part of the time and then went to bed. Bummer you are frightened, but at least you found some mud the next day to make you feel better.


  6. I’m glad your dad is at home and I hope he gets well soon. Please give him a hug from me. You are in the bath tub when you have fire works? I’m always in the wardrobe… I don’t trust that bathtub-thingy… it’s too close on the water lol


  7. Glad you had a great way to get rid of all that stress sweet Sage. We are sending up prayers for your daddy and your mama too. We hope to hear really good news very soon. Hugs and nose kisses


  8. So glad your Dad is back home, Sage, and I hope he is completely better soon. You’ve been having some tough times there lately, but it’s good you got out to your favorite place to have some fun and forget about all the stress.


  9. Ah Sage …. Hugs to your mom and pops. Missed you’re updates. Do you have a ThunderShirt? We use a wind tunnel portable fan on HIGH to cover noise, since we live right in the middle of Brooklyn neighborhood and get fireworks from both the North and the South and the surrounding neighborhood. Luckily, other years we’ve been camping, but not this year!

    Love from HeidiHo (and Capi)


  10. Barley likes to hide in front of the tub when there’s thunder or fireworks–she won’t get in it because she knows what happens when she gets in the tub usually! So sorry to hear that your dad was in the hospital! Hope he’s on the mend and feeling 100% again soon!


  11. Sage, are you de-stressing in some muddy sand?!? Because that would be a perfect spot to relax. I sure hope your dad is feeling better. Take care of your mom and dad!
    *Cairn cuddles*


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