Beachward Bound

We haven’t been to the beach in ages, so the ‘heat-wave-that-wasn’t’ in Portland was just the excuse to go. Our original destination was a hike south of Astoria, but faulty directions forced us to end up at Gearhart Beach. A better choice in my opinion!

It was a foggy, sunny day when we arrived with Mr. N and his Mom. Much to our delight, it wasn’t very crowded. There is a section where you can drive onto this beach, but we avoided it and chose the emptier stretch. A foggy dayThere were a few tourists here and there, but not the crowds probably found further down the coast.

Hi! I live in Portland. How about you?

                                        Hi! I live in Portland. How about you?

Mr. N and I played ‘stick’ for a bit. I found a really long one and Mr. N circled around, hoping to steal it. I like to shred sticks, so I broke off a piece for him. He was happy!

Moving on, I found a flock of shore birds to chase. They didn’t lead me on like the ones at Cannon Beach a few months ago. Probably a good thing–that’s pretty tiring work!

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is play in the surf. I sometimes forget this isn’t the river and drink a little of that salt water. I’ve learned over the years this isn’t a good thing to do–for some reason my breakfast kibble ends up on the sand. 😦

I just drank a little, Mom…

Playing in the surf

I even got Mr. N to play out there!

17 thoughts on “Beachward Bound

  1. Sounds like fun! Katie and I can drink salt water because we drank it all the time as puppies from the North Sea. We always knew the dogs that were new to the beach as they had a case of the runs and I don’t mean the chase me kind. Now we rarely have an opportunity to drink it. Nothing better, though, than a wide open beach to play on!


  2. No don’t drink that salt water– its bad to drink!!! So glad you and your Buddy had a good time and thanks Mom for the pictures!!!


  3. Sweet Sage how lucky you are to be able to find water to romp and play in and around since you love water so much. That was nice of you to share your stick. Hugs and nose kisses


  4. That looks like so much fun!! I didn’t know that salt water didn’t agree with dogs….we’ve never taken ours to the ocean. Wish we could, I think they’d love it!


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