A Doggy Sleepover-Part 1

I hear a knock on the door and quickly go answer it. (I love answering the door because it’s always someone I want to greet and sniff.) This time it’s Mr. N and his Mom! With his blanket.

What does this mean? Mom quickly explained that Mr. N was spending the night with us.


Not prepared, I quickly run to find my “How to be a Good Dog-Hostess” book. I didn’t want Mr. N to think I didn’t know proper dog etiquette. After all…..

At first, Mr. N wasn’t too sure why he was being left. I know how he feels–I’ve had bouts of separation anxiety in the past. Hmmmm, what does my book say?

Mr. N

Where’s Mom?

First, I took him aside and assured him we were going to have F..U..N!Sage & Mr. N

Then, off for a walk.Sage & Mr. NAfter all, there is a whole new world out there for Mr. N to explore and leave his mark! Afterwards a quick romp and a nap did the trick–Mr. N found Dad’s lap very comfy.Mr. NSleeping arrangements were the next order of business (it took up a whole chapter in my etiquette book). We had to find just the right spot. That took a little while to figure out, so come back tomorrow and see how that turned out!

19 thoughts on “A Doggy Sleepover-Part 1

  1. Sage you have been very good to let Mr. N into your house. Truly, you are a star! Whee sometimes have other little creatures, such as gerbils and rats staying with us but they sleep in the dining room where whee can’t interact but if whee ever do whee will use your tips!
    The Pigs xx


  2. Sage, somehow we think you made Mr. N. feel just like he was at home. You are a great friend.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


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