In a Fog

It’s been HOT in Portland, so off to the beach we went. Only to get there to find it was so cold and foggy we couldn’t even see the ocean!

‘What’s up with that’ I say?

Not to be deterred, the intrepid duo (that would be Mr. N and me) took off anyway–running, of course. After all, adventures can be made in any kind of weather. Sage & Mr. N running



We met another hearty soul and my herding genes kicked in. I knew they couldn’t lose me in this silly ol’ fog! Running on the beach

Of course, that heated me up (who said it was cold??) and was I ever happy to find a streamlet flowing down to the ocean. Mr. N said I was nuts… Cooling downResting on a stumpBut, after I found a ball. I said ‘who’s nuts now?’ After all, balls are next best to just about anything!

Mr. N thought it was HIS precious.      WHAT??

playing ballI’m such a push-over for him.


19 thoughts on “In a Fog

  1. Great fun for you and Mr. N. Even with the fog and cold, you turned the day into one of great fun!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  2. Oh, that looks so fabulous! We have 2 beach trips booked. But now I have a cast that can’t get wet!!
    Mom says we have to be calm and relax and no running in the water…pffft!



  3. you found a ball with all that fog? wow! that’s great! Will the fog disappear during the day or is it all times foggy on your beach? My mom said she loves to be on a foggy beach… well, I think she is the one who is really nuts heheheh


  4. Looks like fun. Mom and Katie got lost in the fog on the giant beach on the North Sea coast one morning. I guess it was scary because you could only see about 20 ft, and Mom did not trust Katie to lead her to shore, but they did get out and back home eventually. I don’t think your fog was as dangerous.


  5. What a great adventure. You know, Sage, I’ve always thought of you as my “little” pal, but you are a GIANT next to Mr. N. I hope we can go on an adventure together soon, too.


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