I asked Mom what this voting thing was all about. She said it’s our right to vote for the person or issue that will be the best for us and our country. And many bi-peds did just that yesterday–voted, that is. That sounded good, so I decided I should run for something. You know I love balls and mud and water and a whole bunch of stuff like that. So that’s my platform: More balls, mud and water.ย  And I voted!Sage's ballot

After all the votes were tallied, I WON.

Um, I guess I should say there was only one vote–mine! ๐Ÿ˜€

So, I will do my best to fulfill my promises so I can run again. And again. And again.Play ball!IMG_8889This voting thing is fun!!

13 thoughts on “Voting

  1. Sage, you have my vote, too. You are already up to 3! I’m sure you will win even more votes throughout the day. (If I could vote twice, I would!) Signed Your Crony, uh, I mean Friend.


  2. You sure get my vote, but I can’t get over you and that mud thing. How does your mom ever let you back in the car? You are awesome with your catching ability. Lady Caroline


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