Mr. N Spends the Weekend

Mr. N showed up the other day with his suitcase and leash. His Mom was with him, so I knew he hadn’t run away. I asked him “is everything OK?” He wasn’t sure. Then I heard them talk about food and clothes and a whole bunch of other boring stuff. That’s where I zoned out and decided to have a little romp around the house with him.

It was rainy that first day, so we donned our matching raincoats and headed out for a walk. Leaving your mark is important when you’re in new territory…I worked hard at keeping up with Mr. N. Somewhere, we both ran out, but that didn’t stop us!Sage & Mr. NThe kitties had another take on this situation. They remembered the last time Mr. N spent the night. He chased Mystic and she gave him a ‘correction’. Now, Mr. N has a healthy respect for my kitties and steers far away from them. Even so, Mystic spent lots of time in places far away from this little ball of fur. 😃 I think if he stayed longer, she might get to like him!


Today, Mom kept running in and out of the house–putting lights and stuff here and there. Then she dragged a tree in AND we didn’t even get to put our stamp of approval on it. What’s up with that??? Really, it was a bit boring.Under the tree

But we did our best to cope.Mr. N & Sage..sleeping

So, what is it like when another dog comes to spend a few days at your house?

16 thoughts on “Mr. N Spends the Weekend

  1. Love the raincoats! Well there are three of us all the time, so it is pretty much lots of keep the bone away, chase the squirrel, bark at the introoders, follow the leader and lots of naps 🙂
    Mazie, Abbe and Anne


  2. This looks like such a fun sleepover! Barley has only had sleepovers with family, but we try to incorporate lots of fun walks and some good snuggle time, too. Our kitty usually offers all of the dogs some corrections, too. I hope Mystic eventually learns to enjoy sleepovers with Mr. N, too!


  3. Like you and Mr. N, most of our guests have been over before, so they settle in pretty quickly. Cat bro Bert makes a pest of himself, but Sophie hides since she doesn’t like dogs much. Hope you and Mr. N have lots of fun!


  4. We have never had any dog friends inside the zoo because Mom is afraid, with all the cats, that it would not go well. We meet our friends in the yard. You and Mr. N look like you did great, and with biog patience for the busy humans.


  5. Wait a minute, you went out to leave your p-mail and both got empty at the same time? Sage, you’re so much bigger than Mr. N. You should be putting him to shame. 🙂

    We foster, pet sit, and have friends stay. So Honey has lots of practice.

    She likes the playtime. But once her friends go home, she’s happy to be the center of attention again.


  6. Vof Sage! How great you have company and your matching raincoats are Super! Pst, don’t tell but I marked the table under the tree. I would be happy to have ‘London’ living with us when her mom travels, but they are not sure if we all three would behave well beign together. Me and Hanna are a little bit strange with other dogs. Now I have a NEW neighbour, Young German Shephard. I guess we might get used to each others. I wish you Merry Christmas and Bony NEW Year! Hugs from Nero and the girls!


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