24 thoughts on “On a Cold and Gloomy Day

  1. what no more? you worked on the intercontinental tunnel, that’s pawsome…. don’t forget to dig a little more to the right, then we can connect our tunnels… and wear wellies my tunnel turned into a pond with all that rain :o)


    • That’s what she says, Easy. Maybe you can convince her. 😀

      SHE says I sorta lose my brains sometimes.Well, that’s because my nose tells me there’s a whole family of voles down there just waiting to be released! And she says I don’t ‘come’. Doesn’t she know what it’s like to dig? The freedom. The joy. And I might get to meet you!!


    • It’s actually a prey drive course–somehow I got a double dose of it. Mom says I need to learn more about the herding ‘rules’, whatever that means. 🙂


  2. Hey Sage I have a similar picture on our blog today only I’m digging in snow! My pawrents don’t mind if I dig in a snow pile but they do get upset if I dig in the ground.



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