I Think I Like This Place!

Sometime before Turkey Day, and after a looooong car ride, we got to the Popstar’s new home. You see, they moved a couple of months ago to Petaluma, a small town just north of San Francisco. I thought it was pretty nice, especially when we went for a walk. 20151122_154544

I got to see sheep

And chickens

 And more sheep!

I turned 6-years-old (for real, this time) and the Popstar and I had a party, along with cake and more presents! She’s really good at telling me to sit. I wait, like I’ve been taught, but then she says “OK” and it’s gone in a flash.

One day, she fell and hurt her head. I knew just what to do–we sat on the couch together and watched Ratatouille. I wonder if mice are like squirrels? I was ready for action.20151126_092852

Mom found a little dog park where I could go run–it sure wasn’t 1000 Acres–but it worked.

I told Mom we should move to this place, and do you know what she said??? We are!! Probably in a few months.

I was soooooo happy!!!

19 thoughts on “I Think I Like This Place!

  1. You and Poppy have become such good friends. It was lovely that you knew just how to help make her feel better, after her fall. We all have missed you and will give you a rip-roaring welcome when you return.


  2. Wow, look at little Popstar – she isn’t so little any more:) What a sweet little girl!!! We are so happy to see you two be such good pals. Bet Mom is very excited about the upcoming move.

    Happy Birthday to both you and Popstar!!!

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


    • We actually talked (or should I say she talked; I woofed) about that same thing! She loves to sing, but I have to do a LOT of practicing before we made a duo. 😀


  3. It looks like a very nice place and like you have a great little friend there too! But we also bet you will miss your buddy Mr. N! Hopefully you can visit him sometimes.


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