Moving has been…well…interesting. And quite the adventure!

  • We sold our house–that was easy.
  • We bought a house–not so easy.

At least I think we have a new house. Mom says we do, but we’ve been living here, there and somewhere since we left Portland! Right now, we’re in a (sorta) Tiny House (that’s what Mom calls it) somewhere in Marin California. At least the kitties are now with us and we are surviving in 290 sq. ft. — about the size of a big crate, don’tcha think?

Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed the wildlife. I wasn’t sure about those sheep, but we actually touched noses! Maybe that wasn’t what a herding dog should do, but I was trying to be neighborly. You have to do that when you move, or so they say….

On the other hand, those deer weren’t taking any chances!

I understand there’s a bunch of hiking trails nearby, so I think we’ll be checking some of them out soon. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve found nearby:


Pretty militant, huh?


More my speed! 😀 Too bad there wasn’t any water!