About Mom & Me

I'm ready for that treat now!

My name is Sage and I was born November 27, 2009. I am a dog, but not just any dog. I’m special because I was rescued from a shelter by my Mom and Dad when I was just 10-weeks old. I think I remember having two brothers and being in another shelter in Madras, Oregon, before we came to Portland. I was pretty submissive then–probably because I had two rough-and-tumble brothers! I don’t know where they are now–I hope they are having as much fun as I am!!

Dad called me an armful of cute, but I think I’m too big for that now. He also calls me a Oregon Humane Shelter Water Dog. I wonder why he calls me that? Do ya think it’s because I love water?? Mom says I’m a sweet little girl. I think she says that when I’m asleep…….

Mom knew I was a herding dog, but I didn’t look like the ones she’s familiar with–Australian Cattle Dog (heelers…Toby’s part heeler), Australian Shepherds, Border Collies (Maggie was a Border-Aussie). Well, I have the body build and hair of a Border Collie, so that’s one big clue. There were two dogs at the park that looked a bit like me (except they had short hair) and they were Australian Kelpies. Mom looked it up on the internet and guess what! There I was…the most energetic of the herding breeds. I even fit all the characteristics. So, that’s what I am–an Australian Kelpie/Border Collie mix.

Learning to be a good dog is what I’m about. Along the way, I will have lots of adventures and want to tell you all about them. I hope you come back often!

So, what about Mom? Well, she’s my best bud. She knows I needs LOTS of exercise (and it’s good for her too) so we go for long walks every day. Sometimes we hike in the mountains, other times just around the ‘hood. It’s a good thing we live near several rivers because I love the water and swimming and just plain cooling off! I get hot, you see, from all that running and playing ball and stuff. Mom knows what I need–she’s good about that.

Oh, and I live with two cats. We get along, but they just haven’t gotten the hang of getting herded….

25 thoughts on “About Mom & Me

  1. Hi Sage! You’re beautiful! So glad I found you on the Blog Hop! Hope y’all can come by now! I just finished a post on how lucky I am…then I found you saying the same thing…only I didn’t have to go through doggy jail to get to where I am! So glad you’re happy and havin’ a fun life!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog and I’m glad that you found a loving, forever home – just like I did!!! Let me tell you, being in jail is no fun!! I’ll link your blog to mine, if that’s OK w/you? Stay safe and I’ll check on your often. Shiloh & Mum Donna PS Happy Barkday!!!


  3. Sage, I love your happy ending and it’s only just the beginning! Happy to have found your blog – your Mom’s been kind enough to comment on mine recently and I’ll be following your adventures from now on. I live in Portland, too!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  4. My name’s Mocha, and my mom calls herself “hugmamma.” She’s always hugging me and my feline siblings. She rescued me from an animal shelter too, in Atlanta. I’m now living a better life in the Seattle, Washington area. I love people, and friendly dogs and cats too. Sometimes I drag Juneau around by the scruff of his neck, but not too far, cause he shows me his claws when he’s had enough. Nice getting to know you…Mocha.


  5. Hi Sage! I did not know you had a blog! I told Mom we have a lot of catching up to do – . You are a very beautiful dog. I am glad to know that Toby has a sword. I will keep my paws crosses that she slays everything bad.
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog. And thanks for your kind words about Fuzz. We do all miss him so.
    Well, BearHUGs for you, Toby and your Mom.


  6. Sage, the more I look at the (beautiful/fun/expressive) photos of you … well, all of them actually … the more I think you look like a blend of my Bella & Beary! I think they would love to run & play in all of the gorgeous areas that you do. And they would absolutely love Muddy Monday!


  7. Aloha,

    New to your site and love it. Sage looks like the kind of dog that I pull over in the middle of traffic for in order to
    give the owners a business card. Some dogs you can just tell are wonderful.

    Mahalo and take care,


  8. Hello!

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    Big Tail Wag!
    Tammy Sexton
    Marketing Coordinator


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