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I have this guest book here and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear from you!


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  1. Hi ya Sage,
    I too came from a shelter & it was a scary place! I was really young; the shelter folks figured I was 5 wks old. All the other dogs were yelling “take me, take me.” Mom brought Scally with her when she picked me out. Scally is old enough to be my g-g-g-grandmother or something like that. She plays with me sometimes & sometimes I get to play with my cousin Marley who lives up the road. Life is good.
    Abby at ruralroute2


  2. Hi Ann and Sage,
    You came to see me today, thank you for your visit. I love company I don’t have to clean house for.
    I love animals and I do love quilts. I do quilt some. I am not very good at it but I do love fabric and love to put lots of different fabric together and make something out of that!!!
    But not lately, lately I have been on the computer all the time. Before my hubby bought this very old used hard computer I had never used a computer before. I started using it in Janurary 09. I am so hooked!!!
    I look forward to becoming friends!!! I too am an old lady with a dog and a cat both very old as well !!! I as feed anything that comes around looking for food !!! Right now it is coons !!
    So glad you came!!
    XXOO, Fern


  3. Hi Sage – found you on the blog hop today! You’re a cutie pie. Glad your mom found out your mystery breed 🙂 Two of us are German Shepherds, but the other three are mystery breeds, too!

    The Road Dogs


  4. Hi Sage!
    Glad to see you got your new pretty purple leash!NO chewing on it
    sweetie!It sure was nice you got a surprise ball too!I really like your


  5. Hi Sage!
    Thanks for visiting – we love making new friends! You have a cool blog and we look forward to getting to know you better!
    Hugs xoxo
    Sammie and Avalon


  6. What a gorgeous young man you are…and growing up fast.
    I think you make a fantastic fountain!!! I nearly p’d myself laughing.
    Come visit anytime
    Happy new year


  7. Okay, so I’ve read quite a few of your (mis)adventures now, and I’m starting to get a creepy feeling that you’re my long lost sister. Sage, you ARE a girl aren’t you? Why does everyone think you’re a boy? I get that a lot too. That’s why I wear flowers and ribbons in my collar. I think you’re very pretty. I like your ears and nose. I have a friend called Poppy who looks like you except she’s got a bigger nose. You can see her in a couple of my stories. I’m talking too much again, aren’t I? Sorry. Have a muddy wet day 🙂 xox


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now i know where you are I can keep up with you on my blogroll. You are a cutie! I’m a herding dog too, only my legs are shorter!


  9. Your blog inspires me to resurrect Mocha’s blog “When’s my turn, hugmamma?” But the thought of doing 2 blogs…whew! But like I said you’ve inspired me…

    so we’ll see…hugmamma. 🙂


  10. By the way, “heard” about you through my friend, scriptorobscura. Am glad I stopped by for a visit. Have subscribed to your rss feed.

    will be back…hugmamma. 😉


  11. Left a comment on your last post, “Movin’ Out.” Looks like it might’ve been spammed. Not sure if this one will also get spammed. Hope not.



  12. Hi (mis) Adventures of Sage Team,

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know about our latest dog infographic, which can be seen at and follows on from last month’s dog world records post (

    It took us a long time to put together (the research involved just over 1000 dog owners) but we’re really proud of it so would love you to feature us on your blog if you like what we’ve done 🙂

    If you have any questions or feedback, please give me a shout (or woof!)




  13. So looking to follow your blog.. Enjoying it already!! Thanks for the tips to help my mom train me to quit harrassing you…
    With care, Bentley


  14. Hi Sage, We just found your blog on a past blog hop and wanted to stop by and Woof at ya! We like making new furiends and you look like a fun furiend. If you would like to visit us, we would like that and we will stop by and visit you from time to time. Mud baths are a beauty secret BUT you already know it and we think you are beautiful!!!
    WAgs and wiggles
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas, and Rosie


  15. Hi Sage. You have a wonderful life. My dog Meg loves mud too and she gets to go in the river to wash it all off. It has been fun reading your blog and seeing what you get up to. I will visit again.
    Many wags.


  16. Hi Sage and your mumma, we’re just starting out with our own blog, we’ve finally convinced mumma!!!! you’re so funny!!! I hope we get to be as funny as you too! From Herra and Hades 🙂


  17. Hi Sage. We do not have a blog but are really enjoying following yours. Sammy is a 9 yr young yellow lab and Lacey is a 5yr ball crazy border heeler cross. Love reading about your adventures .

    Love my girls
    Sam and Lacey


  18. Hi Sage!

    My name is Tammy. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your blog. I just wasn’t sure how else to reach you. I sincerely apologize if this comes across as spam, that is not the intent. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought you might be interested in our latest infographic “Are You A Doggie for Christmas Kind of Mom?”. You can view it at (Preview) . FYI (in case you’re not familiar) is owned by Yahoo!. It’s a very safe site and won’t hurt your computer. To download the infographic right click on it and Flickr will show you some options.

    If you like this infographic and want to share it with your readers, please feel free to do so. The only thing that we ask in return is that you link back to TheUncommonDog dot com in some way from your post.

    As a way of showing our appreciation to those who choose to share the infographic, I’d be happy to spread the word about the blog post by linking to it from our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. Just let me know that you posted it and send me the link.

    If you’d like to be removed from our contact list, please let me know.

    Happy Holidays!
    Tammy Sexton
    Marketing Coordinator
    Tammy at TheUncommonDog dot com


  19. Hi Sage — I just found your blog, and am enjoying it. You definitely are one beautiful dog!
    I am retired, like your mom. My husband and I no longer have big dogs, but my hands (& lap) are full of little dogs – pugs, to be specific.
    If your human likes to read dog stories, have her check out, where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, Funny Tails: Adventures & Misadventures in Living with Pugs. It’s a lighthearted look at my life with our 3 pugs as well as various pugs we’ve fostered for Pug Rescue of North Carolina. So far, readers say the book is really funny. (It’s G-rated. And it’s free, not trying to sell you anything.)
    Maija (pronounced My-uh)


  20. Dear Mis-Adventures of Sage,

    I have taken a look at your blog and appreciate the interest you have taken in our beloved companions. I have developed a product, the Pet Alert Sign, which as a career firefighter and pet lover, I feel will save pets lives in an emergency.

    I created the Pet Alert Sign after being personally involved in several pet rescues and knowing the situation could be improved. 500,000 pets a year are affected by fire and up to 40,000 perish in the US alone, an astonishing number.

    I am currently in the final phase of development with a fully functioning prototype and am looking to get to market soon. Right now, the support of pet lovers will help me achieve this goal and I am just looking for people to like us on Facebook (, visit the website (, and sign up for the newsletter ( and /or follow us on twitter. (

    I would appreciate any mention you could give to your followers about the Pet Alert Sign and I truly believe the Pet Alert Sign will help prevent some pet tragedies in fire situations.

    Feel free to check out my website and contact me with any questions.
    @PetAlertsign on Twitter

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Brendan Corcoran
    Creator Pet Alert Sign and Fire Lt.


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