Her life story

Her Mom fought off a cougar, her Dad herded cattle.
She threw up on the way to her new home—she was 5 weeks old.
She ran the hills in Boise’s north end.Chased a fox.
Learned to do “squirrel tree dance”.
Was free and happy but always close by.
Saw a horse—was it a dragon?
Ran home as fast as she could.
Moved to Colorado—not the same.
Learned to conquer steps. She was so proud!
Toby came into her life.

She’s a dog again!
Lots of walks–life was good.
Loved to play frisbee.
Toby herded Maggie; Maggie herded Mark (our son).
Moved again.
Portland was fun.
Dog parks abound!
The beach was a new adventure.

Age 13–cancer came.
She fought.
Cancer won.
But I know she’s having fun.
Playing frisbee with Fellini
in that big dog park in the sky!

10/7/1996 – 1/21/2010

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