Hiking to Munra and Wahclella Falls-Part 2

After a romp at 1000 Acres

Mr. N and I drove into the Columbia Gorge to Wahclella Falls – our next hike. We have been fortunate to have fairly nice weather recently as winter hiking can present numerous challenges. Even so, it was quite muddy on the trail, but that didn’t bother me a bit! You see, I was already muddy (and a bit stinky from a roll in coyote skat) from our stop at 1000 Acres.

This lollipop loop trail is considered “easy” (300 foot elevation gain) and is only a 2-mile round trip. But the scenery  definitely made up for any ‘shortcomings’. 😃

Of course, Mr. N and I had to do some stump sitting along the way!On a stumpWe crossed a bridge so close to Munra Falls that I could reach out and touch the water!

looking back at Munra Falls

looking back at Munra Falls

We found a cave but Mom’s pictures didn’t turn out very well. But, this was another spot that could have been a cave (but wasn’t).hole in the mountainWe took one fork of the lollipop loop that rose high above Tanner Creek. It was pretty impressive!

I knew we were close to our destination–I could hear the falls.High above Tanner CreekSo don’t miss the rest of this hike. You’ll love it!

Fairy Falls

The other day Mom said “Sage, I know I just told everyone about your feast with Mr. N and I need to visit them. But, I just had a call and need to leave immediately to take care of the Popstar. Everyone in San Francisco is sick.” Yowzie–I was all set for fun 😒 and she’s taking off on some magic carpet or something like that.

Then, several sleeps later, Dad puts me in the car and we went to that magic carpet place. There she was!! I was sooooo excited. And I know she was magic because everyone in SF was now well!!

The next day, she made it up to me. I never know what adventure we are going to have next, but this sounded like a good one. First, we stopped at 1000 acres and met Mr. N. We had to run, after all.WaitingThe wind was fierce, but that didn’t stop us! Run we did. After a quick stop for some lunch, we got to our destination and it was a ‘quick scramble up the rocks’ to Fairy Falls. Fairies?!?! I couldn’t wait.

Our trail led along Wahkeena Falls–“Wahkeena Creek falls this way and that, now a plunge, now a horsetail, now a cascade. It’s just beautiful.”

This was our trail. I told Mom she shouldn’t have been walking like she had had one too many, but she said all those switchbacks made it look that way. Whatever that means. Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.15.25 PM

Anyway, up and up we went (elevation gain 889 feet).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got to an upper section of Wahkeena Falls about halfway to our destination.Wahkeena FallsWahkeena FallsOn we went and finally reached our destination–Fairy FallsFairy FallsIt WAS a bit magical (um, not like Mom’s carpet–but you know what I mean 😀).



Algae Smalgae

I’ve been so patiently waiting for Mom to come back so we can go to the river. Right then–right now! The closest one is the Willamette River, only a 10-minute drive from our house. I was even dreamin’ about playing ball there. (One of my favoritest things to do–along with cooling down in a river.)DreamingNot that my favorite-sitter-of-all-times didn’t take me for long walks, a trip to 1000 acres and lots of snuggles. She did. And I loved it. But I miss Mom when she’s gone…

And what happened when she came back? She said we can’t go to the Willamette River. Period. So what happened to ‘right then; right now’? Mooooom?

Mom: Unfortunately, the Willamette River is experiencing an unprecedented blue-green algae bloom that was found to be toxic. It is spanning the entire river flow through Portland up to where it meets the Columbia River. And we don’t know when it will clear up. With recent rains and cooler weather, hopefully it’ll be soon! Since there the possibility a dog can die within an hour after drinking water with this type of algae, we are staying far away.

I did get a reprieve from boredom finally with a trip to 1000 acres today. We don’t go there as often as it’s much further away. But when we do? Whoopee!!On the trail

So much for that ol’ algae smalgae. There’s more than one river to play in around here, that’s fur sure.Chasing stick

And now I’m happily asleep 🙂Sleepy SageBut ready to go again at the drop of a ball!

My Top 10 Fun List (Dogs Only)

My birfday is coming up–next week I’ll be 4 years old! To commemorate that momentous event, I decided to entertain you with a few stories about when I was just a lass. You know, ‘back-in-the-day’ type of stories. We all have them. And things haven’t changed much in the past 3 years. So, here we go–originally posted August 17, 2010.

I’m bored. It’s been hot for days, which means no walks during the day, no park during the day, no this, no that, not much of anything! Mom says that’s not true–we just have to do things differently. She said it’s going to cool off tomorrow–boy, am I glad! (‘cept now it’s cold and raining and raining and raining. BORING)

I’ve already told you I have LOTS of energy, so when it’s hot, I just can’t sleep all day like Toby does and I don’t know how to read yet like Mom and Dad do. So, inbetween deviling the cats and chewing my antler, I decided to list my 10 favorite things to do. I’m not sure I can even count to 10–remember I’m not even 9-months old–but I’ll try. My list is not necessarily in order. I know which is my favorite, do you?

Do you think she likes me?

10. Tease cats–I get in trouble for doing this, but it’s FUN. If they would just learn….. (Um, sometimes I still tease them…)

9. Chew my elk antler–I spend a lot of time doing this. Mom says it helps my teeth AND I don’t chew it up in 5 minutes like I do all my other toys. (my fave!)

8. School–you might say “why is this fun“? Because Mom and Dad learn stuff and I have fun! (remedial education is an ongoing thing around here, for some reason)

7. Play games–I play a lot of games, like “leave it”, “come”, “NOW”, “drop”, “off” (that one I don’t do so well), “quiet” and of course, “sit”, “down”, “wait” and “stay” (I don’t do that very well either). What I like best about games are the treats! (YEP–this is a keeper!)

6. Go to the park–I get really excited when we get in the car and Mom takes Toby & me to the park. I have LOTS of friends there that I can run and wrestle with. I especially like to go to 1000 acres park with Toby II. He’s my best friend. Mom says it’s good to be “socialized”, whatever that means. Friends teach me stuff and I teach them stuff. Like school. (1000 acres is still my fave! Others? Not so much)

Two fun things–a ball and water!

5. Play ball–I play ball at home when we can’t go out (like now). I even bring it back! Mom played ball with me in the pool today. WOW–do you know that’s two fun things in one? (well, you know the answer to this one 🙂 )

4. Walks–We do that a LOT. I sometimes get to meet Mom’s friends and I’m very good and “sit”. Sometimes I see Oz and we get to play! (my buddy Oz moved, but nothing else has changed)

3. Off-leash–Oh, wow. I LOVE this. But Mom is always in control. She’s the top dog, right? I think so. Sometimes she won’t let me run free (like when I don’t “come” right away). I always know where Mom is, but sometimes she doesn’t know where I am. She says I’m learning. That’s what school is for, right? (Mom’s still the boss here…)

2. Digging–Mom says I’m digging a hole to Croatia. They “think” they are leaving me here when they go, but won’t they be surprised when I pop up! (OMD, I just found out I was digging to Australia–not Croatia. Guess I should have looked at a map….)

1. Water–I LOVE water. Yep, I LOVE water. The river, the pool, the beach–you name it. Mom says I don’t even know about snow yet. She says that’s water too. We’ll see…. (I should have added mud here, but it’s still has that water component. Right?)

So, what do you think? Pretty good list, huh? Do you think I forgot something? Did you guess my favorite? What do you think it is?

Muddy Monday

I told you all about the wonderful qualities of mud in Mud Bath and I topped it off (so far) with the glorious roll I had in the mud at Mt. Tabor. Now THAT was a mud bath!! There are a couple of ponds at 1000 acres that are pretty full this time of the year and I make a beeline for them! Of course, there’s always the inevitable bath in the tub.

It’s been pretty nice weather lately (which means it’s not raining EVERY day), and Mom’s daughter came to visit. And guess what? We did 3 hikes this weekend! Yes, yes, YES! I said three. I’m pretty pooped, but it was fun. I have to tell you all about them, but Mom says I need to stick to the subject (she’s a party-pooper).

OK…..so, we were back at 1000 acres this morning.

There weren’t too many hu-mans and dogs out there today. Maybe because it rained just a tiny little bit. Toby and I played and played and ran and ran. Toby’s feeling SO much better since he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and we had a good time together.

But we saw some dogs and I was in the position!

Well, guess what was at the end of this trail? Another POND!! I’m in 7th heaven right about now, but I bet you couldn’t guess that. At least there wasn’t ice on it this time…..

Is there anything better than this?

George the Lad thought I should do a Muddy Monday series. I think I’m well on the way! Good idea, George!

Mossy Trees

We–that means all of us dogs that live here in Portland–are SO thankful for 1000 acres. We can be off-leash almost everywhere. And I know most hu-mans are good about picking up after us–Mom sure is. It’s important so we get to hop along trails like this and have mud baths and go to the pond or the Sandy River. And it’s the ONLY place Mom will even let me be off-leash. I guess because I can’t run into a road…..

We are lucky, because there are many, many places where dogs can’t go or always have to be on a leash–even in Portland. One of San Francisco’s favorite off-leash places is Ft. Funston. Toby went there in December and he told me how neat it was. Dogs got to go surfing and there was even a doggie buddha. Now they are talking about banning dogs altogether there and in other places around San Francisco.

We all have to be good to our parks and obey the rules and not leave “presents” all over, that’s for sure. That way we’ll still have places to go and enjoy being a dog!

My Mud Bath

They say a mud bath is good for you. It has healing properties and said to be a beauty treatment that revitalizes the skin; gets rid of toxins; exfoliates and nourishes–whatever. I think mud is just plain good–good to eat and good to lay in. It’s suppose to be warm, or maybe hot–that’s what hu-mans think. They don’t know the beneficial factors of COLD mud. Yes, C-O-L-D COLD mud. It’s invigorating.

Who knows how cold that mud was. I don’t have a thermo-meter with me. Mom said it was COLD! 35 degrees COLD, well, not the mud puddle–it was probably colder. Hu-mans are such wimps (except those Polar Bear crazies). They just don’t know good MUD!!

I bet you can’t guess how much dirt was in the tub when I got a bath? Mom wouldn’t even do it in her tub–she took me to this place where they washed dogs. And I scored with a ton of treats!!

So, you score now at the Blog Hop!

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Into the Brambles

I saw some other dogs on the trail, so I went into my “little dog” stance. Mom says I’m herding, but I don’t know anything about that. We don’t live on a ranch or anything, but I think I came from one! Does that count?

Mom told me there are places where I can go learn about it. There are sheep there too. I’ve never met a sheep….I wonder if they like to run and play too? Or would I have to be the boss and make them behave? I think I’ll get on the internet and check this out when we get home. Sounds like fun!!

Hey, Toby!  Come help me do some more sniffing! We might be on to something here.

I ended up in the middle of a bunch of brambles. They really are blackberry bushes, but they’re all over the place. Mom says they’re invasive. I remember those black things on them last summer. Hu-mans actually eat them! Not me. I like the stuff lying around out here, but Mom won’t let me eat that either.

Then we got back to business.

Mom said her boots were making a sucking sound. Not me! The more mud the better, I say!

Can you see that ice there? I had fun playing with it. It was just like a rock, but tasted a little like water.

Water? Did you say water? That’s even better than mud puddles. Where is it? Let’s hurry, Mom. Get the lead out…..