Let a Little Sun Shine In


When winter is grey and gloomy, a little sunshine goes a long way towards brightening our day. So Mom and I have to thank Bella, over at Bringing up Bella for sending us the Sunshine Award. It must have worked because the clouds moved away and the sun is shining!

If you don’t know Bella, you should pop over there.










We think she’s really very special and looks so much like our Toby did in his younger days. There are a lot of similarities in their lives which has only endeared Bella to us even more.

So you know the drill – there are some rules to accepting the Sunshine Award but they’re pretty simple: Answer 7 questions and pass the award on to 10 people and let them know they’ve received it.

  1. Favorite Number? Mom doesn’t have one. Me? 2–’cause that’s as far as I can count. 1…2…any more and I get confuserated.
  2. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Plain old water. That’s for both Mom and me. ‘Cept I take mine with a splash of mud. Bring it on!
  3. Facebook or Twitter? Mom is on Facebook a lot. Me? I’m a Tweet. Oh, that’s right–a TWITTER.
  4. Your Passion? Oh, boy. I’d have to say Mom’s is cooking great food, quilting and taking me to 1000 Acres. Oh, and walking with me every day. ME? Water. Swimming. Mud–wet, glorious mud. (I’m pretty passionate, you see.)
  5. Favorite Pattern? Mom said her’s is bright and colorful. MOM?!? That’s NOT a pattern. Me? Is there a pattern in mud?
  6. Favorite Day of the Week? Every day! See, Mom’s retired so we can go anywhere anytime!
  7. Favorite Flower? Mom loves roses, but can’t grow any at her house in Portland ’cause there’s too much shade. Me? They’re all purty. I can’t eat them, so whatever.

I love spreading Sunshine around, so here goes! There’s never too much of it (especially here in the Northwest).

Bird Brains and Dog Tales–We’ve been having fun watching Millie discover snow and learning how to be a dog. I think snow is like water, so maybe we’re related!

Clowie’s Corner–Clowie, a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, was looking for snow before she left on holiday. She moved to Spain recently and knows what it takes to stay cool.

Pawsitively Pets–As a vet tech, Ann Paws knows a lot about all different kinds of animals. We’ve enjoyed reading about the antics of her pet rat, Nibblet, and her dog, Shiner.

jaspersdoggyworld–Jasper and Nellie are two maremmas living in New Zealand and love to help their Mummy garden. They have lots of sunshine right now, but they always can use more to help their giant pumpkins grow.

Sugar the Golden Retriever–Sugar is well-known in the blog world, but she brings me sunshine every day.

Thanks again, Bella. We love all kinds of sunshine and you sent us a bunch!


I’ve Been Nipped

Oh, my dogness (again). That cute, cute kitty, Savannah, over at Savannah’s Paw Tracks threw a really pawsome award BRING ON THE NIP at me. Nip? What does that mean? Did another doggie take a little bite out of me? I sure didn’t feel anything and nooooooo, I’m not under the influence, like I was a month ago. 🙂 And you won’t let me have a nip of your wine, Mom, so what are they talking about?



Um, isn’t that a kitty thing?



OK, so here I am. Little ‘nips heading straight for me.

What do I do now, Mom? They’re getting pretty close.

I know!

I’ll become the Pied Piper of Nips.

Come on, little ‘nips.

Thailing? You surely like ‘nips. Right?Uh, not so much.

How about you, Mystic?They’re really, really good. You’d love them.

Uh, not so much.

MOM! What do I do now????? These kitties don’t have the nip gene and I’m supposed to be the Pied Piper of ‘Nips.

Mom: It’ll be OK, Sage. You just have to do a few things

1. Link back to who threw these nippers at you: Ah! That would be Savannah!

2. Tell everyone something you wanna celebrate.  Something good that happened: That’s easy. I’m a finalist in a Dirty Dog Contest sponsored by Wahl and I NEED votes so the shelter that kept me safe (until Mom & Dad could give me a wonderful furever home) will get some $$. You KNOW I love mud, so this should be easy. Vote, vote, vote for me every day at http://bitly.com/DirtyDogsContest. And thanks to everyone who’s voted for me so far! You are the BEST.

3. Pass the award along.  You can pass it along to just one blog or as many as twelve.

OK. Let me think about this. I think those kitties over at Brian’s Home would go WILD over a bunch of ‘nips. And Bassa surely would let Barnaby have a nip or two. Then, I’ll throw those nippers out to you doggers and anyone that catches one can have as much fun as I have!

This ‘n’ That Friday

I didn’t tell you, but Mom took off in one of those bird-things that go up in the sky and left me and Dad at home. She’ll be back soon, but Dad & I decided there’s a lot of loose ends that needed tying up before that happens. So we decided to join the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop!

Food Fight Continues

OMD, I got smashed in the face with some more of those Super Sweet Cupcakes! Thank you Misty Shores Chesapeakes! I’m lickin’ like mad AGAIN.

There’s stuff you’re supposed to do and I’m lazy this week (since Mom’s not here to crack the whip), so check out my Food Fight blog for all the details.

The Furnace

You know the furnace went on the fritz as soon as Mom walked out the door? Lucky her! And it’s been COLD. Well, sorta. Not freezing or anything like that. The furnace would work a little bit and then shut off. Very strange. Anyhow, Dad and Mystic were happy we had a little heater, but Thailing (my other kitty) and I both have heavier fur coats and were pretending we were Arctic explorers. It was kinda fun.

Since it’s almost Halloween, you’ll love this story! You know goblins and spiders and such somehow creep around during that time, right? Well, one of those spiders crept into the intake pipe of the furnace and built a silly web. And that web made the furnace not work right. Pretty spooky, huh? Now the furnace works right and the spider has to go find another place to build a web. I just hope it’s not close by!


Mom has been taking care of the little Popstar (who is now 13-months old) down in San Francisco while her parents went on a short vacation. Hats are the thing right now…doesn’t matter who’s it is.






And she loves to help cook. Maybe she’ll make me some cookies and Mom will bring them back!

Muddy Monday

It’s hard to top some of my Muddy Mondays, but this was an especially good one! We went to 1000 Acres (always a good spot for mud) on a glorious day. And it’s only early January AND in the Pacific Northwest where it’s suppose to rain all winter. Sort of a weird year so far. The sky was blue and it was almost shirt-sleeve weather. At least for the humans. Personally, I’ve been working on getting rid of some of my coat for the past couple of weeks! I guess that’s why Mom is sweeping so much….

When we first got there, I’m ready. Look out–let the herding begin!! But, I digress. I know you are really wanting to know how muddy I got. It doesn’t take a big mud-puddle. No sirree.

I haven’t quite figured out why I love mud so much, but I thought a good wallow is the right way to go.And then a shake offOops, Mom. I didn’t mean to cover you too 🙂We headed for the Sandy River. It was so clear and clean and WET! Mom even got in and cleaned off her Sloggers (that’s her boots, in case you were wondering).I had another good shake off (don’t worry, I still had to have a bath this time).I hope you notice I created my very own rainbow!

And then, on the way back, we checked out the snow on Mt. Hood. I think all those snowboarders and skiers are not happy this year.

Nero, over at Nero’s Post and Patch awarded me the Collies Choice Award! Nero helps his Mom with her beautiful quilting (and much more) on a magical Greek island. We have loved this blog for a long time and it’s is well worth reading! This award was started by The Collies of The Meadow a really sweet and lovely blog about these gorgeous collies. There are no rules, just that the blog we award this to is a well written one, which frankly, is a whole lot of you!

So, since I can only pass this on to one of you, I would like to bestow this lovely award to my pal, Sophie.She’s a labradoodle that lives in Nova Scotia and loves the water and balls and running and lots of stuff I love too.


Thank You, Thank You!!

I have been so honored by several of you out there who have passed along the Stylish Blogger Award!! I have felt guilty for not blogging about it. I have no excuse–none whatsoever. Well, I DID have to settle that lawsuit with the kittehs and I DID have to figure out how to get muddy each week and I DID………..

So here’s thanks to Hawk, Opie and his Mom, Pamela, The Sprollies ‘n’ Border Collies, Teje and Nero, and Cherie. You are the BEST!!

OK, OK, now I have to tell you seven random things about me. YOWZIE. This should be fun!

  • You probably know by now that I’m an Australian Kelpie-Border Collie mix. Well, guess what that means? I need LOTS of exercise, so I’m now having agility lessons; I get to go to my favorite indoor dog park twice a day; and my favoritest of all—1000 Acres–when it’s not raining (which it does here a LOT in Portland in the winter). Trust me, a walk around the neighborhood just gets me started.
  • Mystic likes me! She complains a lot, but don’t you think rubbing against me means she likes me? Thailing? Not so much.
  • I get my kibble in a different container each meal. MOM says it’s suppose to make me think. Well, let me tell her, I figured out those things pretty fast. Bring it on!!
  • Toby is my bestest-of-all friends. He taught me lots of stuff–like how to play and what to do with something new (like an antler or a bully stick). I would take one sniff and go hide under the desk, but if he’s OK with it, then I’m all for it! I even take his…..
  • I LOVE to play ball. Oh, boy, do I ever. Mom says she’s “on strike” sometimes and makes me play with other dogs. What a party-pooper.
  • Water is my passion. I can lay in it, roll in it, race in it, swim in it, drink it, but I don’t like the hose. Give me a mud-puddle any day!!
  • OK, so a photographer wants to take a picture of me. What do I do? OMD, I’m up there and posing like there’s no tomorrow. But, sometimes when Mom wants to take a picture? Well, she’d better bring on the treats.

Now’s the hard part. You’re suppose to pass this award along. This is the hardest part of all! If I was the dog wizard of the world, I would give this post to EVERYONE. But, I can’t. I’d be here typing for DAYS. So, I’m going to just bite the chicken strip Mom just gave me and forge ahead:

I’ll leave you with a memory of me in all my muddy glory! May all mud holes not dry up!!!!

I got an AWARD!!!

Cedes of Change thinks I’m special and gave me an award!! WOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can you tell I’m happy?  : )

Here are the rules for receiving this award.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic
4) Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award

Now I have to tell you 7 things about me. Or should I tell you about my Mom? Maybe I’ll do both:

1. I came from the shelter, but I know I’m some kind of herding dog because that’s what I do. Mom is hoping to start me on agility training when I get bigger and have better recall.

2. I love to dig and so does Mom. She has been gardening all her life and re-landscaped her whole yard last year. I’ve made a mess of it, but she says it can be fixed (I guess it wasn’t too bad). She has a nice vegetable garden that I have learned to stay out of.

3. Mom enjoys cooking and baking and just made a new batch of bagels. She also makes sourdough bread. I love to eat, but she doesn’t let me eat her bread. I think we are going to make cookies just for ME (and Toby) soon.

4. Traveling is fun because it means we are going to the park or the river, but Mom thinks traveling is fun because she gets to go someplace new. Mom and Dad have traveled all over Europe and are planning to go Croatia. I think that’s the polar opposite from where I live–I’m digging really hard so I can meet them there.

5. Mom loves to read and just bought an ebook reader. She’s really happy that I don’t chew up things like that. I think she’s forgotten about her bluetooth…

6. Water is my passion. I can lay in it, roll in it, race in it, swim in it, drink it, but I don’t like the hose. It looks like it might be a little scary. Mom likes it though and uses it to water her garden.

7.  Mom is a quilter and has been sewing almost as long as she’s been gardening. I pull fabric out of her bag to save her the trouble.

These are the 15 blogs I’ve recently discovered:

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