Even though it’s been cold and rainy and icky outside, I managed to find some mudless things to do recently. Yes, it does happen, much to my dismay 😦 . You know I’ve thought about applying for a job as a therapy dog, don’t you? Mom thought I should do a little pre-training. I’m all for that! You know us herding dogs need a job.

Mom’s friend had another knee replaced and I got to go see her again. Three times! We had to get in this box that moved. It was a little weird feeling, but I knew just what to do. (I think you humans call it a “piece of cake” except I didn’t get any cake. Not sure what happened there.)

Is this our floor?

When the door opened, I met lots of humans who petted me and then I saw my friend! She told me I could get up on her bed for some snuggles…I was really careful not to step on her knee.

There’s another hurdle I had to jump over…sorta like the jumps I do in agility…and that happened this weekend. I was snoozin’ on the couch when I heard something at the door. I love it when someone comes to visit, but this was really exciting! It was my hu-bro (who has a big birthday today), my hu-sis and her family. Remember I told you that Mom went away a couple of times because this little baby was born?

 Well, here she is. In my house! Little Poppy, who is 5 1/2 months old now. Did you know little babies wear these things they called diapers? And they’re taken off and new ones put on…all the time. Not me! No sirree. I don’t think I’d like one of those things stuck on me…give me the good ol’ outdoors any time!

I was very curious about this little hu-baby. And she was curious about Toby and me. I liked it when she gave me a pet on my nose, so I gave her a kiss. Mom wouldn’t let me get too close…she said my feet could scratch Poppy. Having visitors is fun, especially when little Poppy comes! And Mom said I was a really good girl. I like it when she says that because I get some treats.

So, I jumped over two big hurdles this week and didn’t knock the bar off (that’s agility-speak, in case you don’t know). Then I read about Snoopy and what happened during his therapy dog assessment. They threw a C A T in the room. He passed, but I have some work to do. Getting past those darn C A Ts will be a tough hurdle…

Where’s My Mom?


You know she left me, don’t you? Left me here all alone. Well, with Dad and Toby and those darn kittehs. And all to go take care of her hu-daughter and this new little baby whose name is Penelope Frances and will be called Poppy. I don’t know too much about little hu-babies, but Mom says I’ll learn. I hope so! I suppose I SHOULD tell you she talks to me and her voice comes out of Dad’s computer. I haven’t quite figured that whole thing out–I hear her voice, but she isn’t here. Maybe she’s outside? She even took some pictures of me through MY computer (which she took with her) and Dad’s computer and over the airwaves and somewhere in outer space. Anyway, they were pretty fuzzy, but you get it, right? It’s probably that outer space stuff, don’t you think?I have to do a whole lot of thinking and my head tilts one way and then the other. She keeps telling me I’m a good girl and she misses me. Well, doesn’t she know Dad takes me for walks and plays with me? I really don’t think I like this voice that sounds like Mom coming out of that computer. It’s just too weird for me! She’d just better get home here!You hear that MOM? I haven’t even been able to keep up with all my blog furiends. I just want everyone to know I’ll be there to visit you soon!!