Still Dreamin’

I’m not too sure why hu-mans put their heads on these fluffy things they call pillows, but Mom and Dad do it every night. I often go in and pull down the covers for them, but last night, I wanted to try this pillow thing out. I think you’re suppose to pull it down and make a nest for your head. At least that’s what I did.

I had my favorite ball with me and all of a sudden, I started dreaming of a day at the beach. Now that was pretty awesome–maybe this pillow is magic! Then, somewhere back in the nether-reaches of my mind, I remembered the guys over at 24 Paws of Love  wondering whether I ever dreamed about steaks. Are you kiddin’? I was about to slobber all over Mom’s pillow.

Not sure how much of this beauty sleep I can take, but I heard Mom talking about 1000 Acres. Do you think dreams come true??

You’re Throwing WHAT at Me?

Some dogs like Frisbees, but that’s never been my thing. Give me a ball any time! We were out at 1000 Acres, where I usually don’t play ball. **I KNOW you know what I do, but that’s for another day.**

There weren’t too many of my kind there that day so I did what any self-respecting dog does. I found a ball.

Here it comes!

I do a pretty good job of catching those balls.

Got it

I like to be airborne sometimes. Ya' gotta do whatcha gotta do.

I'm Ready!

Here comes another!

Got it!

So, why can’t I catch a treat when someone throws it at me? The concept seems to allude me…..

While I’m working on it, please join me at the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. That’s always a treat!

A Tour-Willamette River

I felt so happy about my tour directing, that I decided to give my Toby a tour of a new (to me) swim hole. We went today, the hottest day we’ve had so far this summer, and it was gloriously wet and cool in the Willamette River. Toby hasn’t been able to go with me as much here lately, but he told me he still has a bit of life in him yet and HE WANTED TO GO–yes sirree, that’s what he said! And he had fun on my tour, I just know it. But I digress–I’m suppose to be giving a tour……

There was a lot going on today! Power boats racing by.A skier (not sure I’d like that).

Some people in a kayak and a jet boat with a whole lot of people! Some guy was taking pictures–I wonder if he took one of me? And,  do you see those ducks? I’m glad they didn’t want my ball!

Oh, by the way, you can rent those kayaks. I didn’t see any dogs in the ones that went by. I wonder if that’s something I can add to my tours?

Check out this big boat. I bet there were a whole bunch of people on it watching me play ball! You get a lot of exposure out on this river!I had to take a little time out from my tour to chew on a piece of wood I found in the river, but Toby was OK with that. He said wood-chewing was important–it was a great source of fiber. He’s taught me so much…. To complete my tour, a little shake off is in the itinerary. It’s part of the whole package, in case you didn’t know.I hope you enjoyed my tour of this part of the Willamette River!

Muddy Monday

I haven’t done Muddy Monday for a while and, boy, have I been going through withdrawal. I think some of my blog pals have too, so I decided to rectify that! (Psssst, Mom told me that big word. Funny sounding isn’t it?) We went to the Sandy River (out there at 1000 Acres, you know) and the river forgot some of its water. I found this little mud-hole created by a sand bar right next to the river. It was full of mud and gloriously stinky. Of course I made a beeline for it. I don’t know why Mom was shaking her head–maybe a bee got too close….I didn’t stay long, because I think swimming is my favoritest thing to do in the whole world. Well, next to ball. BUT, put them both together and what do you get? ME! (And Sophie–she likes balls & swimming & stuff, just like me)! It’s too bad she’s a whole zillion miles away. Mom’s been taking me a LOT here lately–I sure like summer!

OH, I almost forgot to show you my ball dance. Mom made a silly movie and she messed up near the end and blurred me all up. But I told her it’s all right. She got my dance moves, so that’s all that counts. At least that’s what I say!


A New Swim Hole

it’s a good thing we are surrounded by rivers here in Portland. We went to a new park the other day in a town called West Linn–it was just a hop and skip down the road–and took a little walk through some woods. All of a sudden, there it was. The Willamette River. Mom sure knows how to make me happy! Swimming is becoming my favorite thing to do. Well, next to playing ball. But when you add a ball to water, what do you get! MEJust keep pitching that ball! I’m on it.I’m waiting……………

Beach Aerobatics

When Mom gets Toby and me all harnessed up; secured in the car in our Kurgo contraption and the backpack goes in the trunk, I KNOW something good’s about to happen. We drove for a long, long time and finally stopped. We went all the way to the coast! Wow, that was a LONG trip!

Mom: Sage–it’s only 90 miles away. You didn’t have to ride in the car THAT long. And, you got to stick you head out the window a little bit. 

We haven’t been to the beach in a long time. And this one had so much sand! It was everywhere. And a river coming down into the big ocean. And there were waves way off in the distance!Mom’s friend brought a kong on a rope for me to play with. That was fun until Mom brought out the ball! You KNOW what happened next, don’t you? Ball, sand, sun is my idea of F-U-N.

There is something about all this sand. I was doing some pretty crazy moves! Here I am. My eye is on the ball. I make my move.

And I caught it!


I tried a little levitation here. Just imaging some jet-packs on my back. I could FLYYYYYY!

I bet you think I didn’t catch this one.

I did…..

But like all good things, it had to come to an end. I was pretty pooped, but had a nice long nap on the way home. The bad part was not only did I get hosed off when we got home, but then they stuck me in the bathtub! Mom said I stunk. I didn’t tell you about that part–you know you have to cool off and when there’s water…..

It was really stinky water too. And you HAVE to roll in the sand after getting all wet, right?

Now that I’m clean and smell nice, I’m going to see what everyone is up to on the Saturday Blog Hop!

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Ball playing is an art. You have to be agile, quick and always vigilant. I do what Mom calls my “football dance”. Someday I’ll take a video, but you get the idea. That eye HAS to be on the ball.

Here’s an incoming.

And the catch.It takes a lot of skill. And some zany moves! But I get that ball every time–and then take it back to Mom for another round of great ball fun.
I’m dancing my way over to the Saturday Blog Hop. See you there!!

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Me and My Ball

There are two things I’m totally obsessed about–water and a ball. You ALL know about my water obsession. It’s probably a good thing we don’t have a pool in our back yard!! And, mud is just water and dirt–but I bet you knew that.

I haven’t talked much about my ball obsession, but when I go to my favorite indoor dog park–Fido’s–that’s what I do most of the time. If one of my friends are there and I’m in the mood, we wrestle and run, but generally it ends up with ball. Mom even went on strike, but I know how to look at her just right. 🙂

The other day, we went to Mt. Tabor dog park. The last time, I ended up really muddy and didn’t do great about staying inside the dog park, so Mom went prepared this time. Two balls and the plan to leash me up while we went over the area where the mud-puddle prevails. Those balls were GREAT! We had fun–Mom threw. I brought it back.

We sorta got near some mud here and you remember I said Mom leashed me up over the place where the big mud-puddle was? It worked the first time around, but she must think I’m some kind of dumb dog. On our second loop and the minute we were past that area and she let me off my leash, well, Kaly (one of my BFF) and I made a bee-line for the mud-puddle. We wallowed, we wrestled, I laid down in it, then we wallowed and wrestled some more. I kinda heard Mom saying something, but we were having too much fun.

Mom, the lousy photographer that she can be sometimes, took a bad movie of Kaly and I racing and playing after we got the message to “GET OUT OF THAT MUD-PUDDLE”. About half-way through this “lousy” movie, you can see the glory of all the mud on my body!

I KNOW what happens next, but this time Mom fooled me. There was a hose near the gate to the dog park and she washed me off! Can you believe that? She told me she was going to take Hawk’s advise and tie me to the back of the car otherwise. Then she took a towel to me when we did get back to the car. She said there was no way I was getting in her car until most of that mud was gone. Geez. She’s no fun….

Actually, I have a really nice Mom. She knows how much I love water and thinks dogs should be dogs sometimes. And Kelpies LOVE water–I guess it’s in my blood. So, what’s a little clean-up? I’m getting used to it…..

I’m ready for a Blog Hop after all that. How about you?

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