Muddy Monday

When I find mud this glorious, I know it’s going to be a good day. I started with a good belly dip and shake off.Moving to a slight side-to-side roll.

Culminating in a full-body, smack down in the mud, roll. I even made sure my head was fully covered! Even Caly was in awe this time! Mom was shaking her head–I wonder what was her problem? She said I looked like I had shaved all my hair except for a mohawk down the middle of my back. WHAT? I missed a spot? I have a strategy, in case you haven’t figured it out. First, you coat your body with glorious mud, then you find a pond! But not before a few rolls in the grass. I wonder if I could get a patent on the process? I could talk to Dad–he was a Patent Attorney before he retired. Belly rubs, please? Mommmmm, why won’t you give me a belly rub? You do it other times…..

Pee Ess: Dad laughed so hard about my patent idea that I even let him hose me down when we got home.  😦   I thought it was a pretty good idea, don’t you? What does he know?