My Thankful Day

I have a lot to be thankful for today–let me tell you why.

You know I get really hot with all that running and stuff and there’s almost always a mud puddle to cool off in.A mud bath

Or a river to swim inThe cleanup in the riverA ball meant to land in my mouthball catchingOceans to exploreAt the OceanMountains to be climbedHere I come!My friends

And most of all


I’m now 5-years old…Mom says it means I’m supposed to be all grown up. Frankly, I think that’s a bit over-rated.

We celebrated with a fun, fun trip to the coast with Mr. N, who gave me a Tuffy Mega Bone with not one, not two but 10 layers of indestructible material. I looooved it. And it’s still in one piece. 😀 Sage with new toyMore about this trip later, so stay tuned!!



Today, being my birthday and all, I’m going to tell you why I’m thankful I’ve made it to 4 years old. And besides, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so what better time than now?

  • Mom–boy, am I ever thankful she is my Mom. She’s put up with a lot over the past 4 years and I can come up with some doozies. Like the time I ate some marijuana and ended up in ICU overnight. Or the voles I dug up out at 1000 acres. Or all the mud I seem to find sticking to my furs (I’m REALLY thankful for that warm water hose-off I now get). Muddiest SageThere are some really good things I do too, like snuggles and kisses and lots and lots of walks. I have to keep Mom in shape, you know–it’s especially important in her advanced years.
  • Dad-he’s my go-to guy. If I need a tummy rub–he’s there. If I need anything requiring an opposable thumb–he’s there. If I want to lay in bed way after Mom gets up–he’s there. Dad is my rock.
  • My Friends–I luv, luv, luv all my human friends. You take me places when Mom disappears for days and days. And you play ball with me and give me some of the nummiest treats ever! You know who you are–here’s a big smoochie on your nose 😀  (Dad taught me that and I do it well).
  • I don’t necessarily like every dog there is out there any more, but I guess that’s OK. BUT, I have a few doggie furiends that I often go play with.
Game of stick

A rousing game of stick

They’re comfortable–like a warm blankie or a nice smelly antler. And I get really excited when we all pile into a car together and take off for an adventure.

    • And then there’s you–all of you out in Blogville. What would I do without you? You laugh at my silly pictures and are in awe of all the mud I find–I have a knack, you know.
    • It wouldn’t be complete without my kittehs. Yes, I heckle them. I want to herd them. I keep telling them I’m still a youngster, sowing my wild oats (I guess girl dogs sow oats).

      Has she gone yet?

      Has she gone yet?

They’ve accepted me and that’s all right. I’ll even share my bed with them! See?

So, here I am. Birthday Sage4 years old.

It’s My Birthday!

But before I begin to tell you all about my special day, you have to know my buddy George the Lad‘s birthday is today too! We are both 3-years old and he’s celebrating too. Go on over and visit him.

Happy Birthday, George!


Mom got up this morning and started cooking. Whatcha cookin’, Mom? 


A mini pumpkin pie with very special cream cheese on top. For me? I’m in doggy heaven! And Mom made some pumpkin cookies with the left over batter.



She made extra pies and we’re going over to my furiends house later and have a pawty!

(At my favorite place–1000 Acres)


You know, these guys…Toby, Macy and Heidi.


Their Mom always has goooood treats too.


I didn’t know whether I was going to get any presents, but Mom never lets me down. 

I love these freeze-dried treats…Mom says they’ll be good to use at agility. I don’t care where, just so I get them! And, see that cookie? It’s the special one I got when I went shoppin’ on Black Friday. It’s hiding a stuffable (with peanut butter, of course) from West Paw Design. All recycled material and made in Montana. I think it’ll become my ‘go to’ toy from now on.


Mom tried to be silly and put a birthday hat on me.

Mom! You know I don’t do hats…

I kept in on for 2 milliseconds, but that got me another present. An antler.I will have hours of joy with this!

Thanks, Mom and Dad.



Pee Ess: Mom & Dad are going to visit my cousins Chesie and Dexter tomorrow, but I’ll try to visit you as much as I can. I have a special friend staying with me and she’s going to help with the words on the ‘puter.

Where’d I Go?

I bet some of you wondered. Mom was sooooooo bad. She took my computer and drove away, leaving me here all alone. Even Dad went too. But then one of my bestest human friends came over and stayed with me! We had so much fun and lots of adventures, but you’ll have to wait for that–I promise it won’t be long….

So, where did they go? (I didn’t go anywhere, but you know that already.) All the way to San Francisco for Poppy’s 1st birthday…she’s that little girl we talk to all the time on Skype and Mom goes to see every few months.


Poppy loved opening her presents–the paper and boxes were the bestest. I would think so too…I like the crinkly stuff, don’t you?




I sent her big smoochy kisses that I KNOW she loved.



Poppy had a BIG cake that her Mom decorated with poppies. I would have liked to have eaten the whole thing, but Mom says dogs can’t have chocolate. She’s smart that way.


And all of a sudden, they were home!! I was soooo excited. And, Mom brought me a present. Just for ME!! She missed me…I just know it.

It’s a really comfy raincoat made right here in Oregon. You know the rainy season is coming…for the next 9 months. And it’s purple with reflective stripes so when Mom and I go biking, I’ll be a bit safer.

Of course, I had to see how it rolled in the dry grass.

Pretty good, I’d say.

Thanks, Mom! Can I take it off now?

I’m Two!!

My hu-Aunt and Uncle came to visit and it’s been a busy week. Well, they were busy–I got a lot of sleep and lots of tummy rubs from my hu-Uncle. My hu-Aunt got a special treat for us, so last night was bully stick night! Toby and I each have our own techniques for attacking these sticks. I chewed mine in half, but Toby tackled the whole thing at once. Neither one of us finished them….

I got up this  morning and found all these preparations for a big celebration! I suspected something was a-foot when I smelled something really, really good. Mom had made Pupcakes! She said they were pretty easy to make.

Hamburg Pupcakes

1/4 pound ground beef
2 teaspoons potato flour (or oatmeal)
1 egg
1 white potato, mashed

Mix the ground beef, potato flour and egg together and divide into six pieces. Put into a cupcake tin and bake at 375 F for 20 minutes or until done. In the meanwhile, boil a white potato (I used a russet), mash with a little milk and let cool.

When the beef mixture is done and cooled, spread a little potato on top for frosting.

Would you believe Mom made me pose with one of these Pupcakes and I didn’t even drool!! And I didn’t even get a taste? What’s up with that?That’s because I got more presents! Of course, everything was something to eat because I destroy stuffies and eat the insides and Mom & Dad had to take me to the emergency vet one time. Remember? Before I could have any of my birthday presents, we had to go the park and played ball! That’s always my favorite pass-time, but you know that.

When we got home, I had to endure the silly hat thing, but I’m suppose to be grown up now, so I gave Mom her 2 seconds so she could take a picture. Toby, being the senior dog in this house, knew it would only get better. I wasn’t so sure.But it did! I have to tell you, this was the best birthday yet! You do know George the Lad‘s birthday is today too! He’s also two and had a big party over there in Shropshire, England. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, George!! I’ll have another Pupcake just for you.

Birthday Boy

Toby’s got something funny on his head.

Hmmm. It’s not the dreaded cone of shame.

What did you say, Mom? It’s his BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, Toby. I love you! Here’s a big hug!

Toby is 11-years old today!