Blogiversary and Where Are We Going?

Today is my third blogiversary–yes, three whole years! It’s been so much fun and we’ve made a lot of new furiends. Thanks to all of you for watching me grow from a fuzzy-haired baby (where are my ears!)

Sage-10 weeks

Me at 10 weeks

to a  flop-eared, gangly youth

Sage-4 months

Me at 4 months

to what I am today…almost 4 years old!

Toby was my mentor and taught me how to be a dog. We were inseparable those first two years of my youth. I’m alone now (well, except for those kitties), but he’s always with me. 

You’ve watched me doing what I love best

and I hope you continue to visit and enjoy my adventures!

So, where are we going?

I bet you can guess!!

My 1st Blogiversary!

Just because I’m a good, little girl :), I’m going to let Mom take over the blog today. That’s because yesterday was her burfday and today is our very 1st blogiversary!!

Mom here: Yes, one whole year and what a good year it’s been. Full of mud and water for Little Miss Sage. Long walks. A lot of training. A little agility. Many hikes. A whole lot of ball. She’s so full of energy, we have to be on the move several times a day or the Kelpie/Border Collie takes over and watch out!! When we started this project, I didn’t know how long it would last or whether anyone would read it. But I’ve met so many great new blogger friends and what a wonderful group you all are.

One of the very first blogs I started following is Opie’s Mom’s Blog who is also celebrating their first blogiversary–Opie is the cutest Snorkie I’ve ever seen. (We are featured today so check them out!!) Since then, our blogger friends span the globe. We all have a common interest, and that’s the love of our dogs and kittehs. There is so much to be gained from each of your blogs and I think we all enjoy what we do. As a group, we enjoy the fun and frolic of your dogs; go on hikes and adventures with you; learn a little bit more about where you live and play and support each other when one is sick or goes over the Rainbow Bridge. 

I’ve taken hundreds of pictures–it sure takes a lot for the few that are decent. Here are a few memories from the past year:

She loved water from an early age!

The day Sage joined our family, she was 10-weeks old.

Then she discovered mud-puddles.

Always the ball--she sure can take some impressive leaps.

She loves her Toby.

Life in our family hasn’t been the same since Sage joined us. She’s a constant joy (and more than a little work). But we couldn’t have done it without you!!  Come join us here for our little celebration:There are a lot of adventures to come, so stay tuned!