Monday Musing

I’m thinking I really like spring! It’s warmer, the birds are singing and I’m digging. Oops. Mom! Don’t look. I didn’t say anything. Really.

Mom was digging too, so she can’t say anything about me digging. She planted 2 more blueberry bushes so the one my hu-brother gave her will hopefully do something. I’m not sure I’ll like blueberries, but I sure do like those strawberries that grow in a pot on our deck. I’ll let you know though.

See those hyacinths? They’re suppose to smell really nice. I couldn’t smell a thing, but I think it’s because they were still working on their smell.

Mom found one from another place in our yard and said I could have it in my condo window. Now I can sniff it when I’m in too!

When we went on our walk this morning, I had to stop and smell the tulips in our front yard. They didn’t smell either. What’s up with that?

I think I like spring and all these pretty flowers! And, of course, the digging. If Mom would just tell me where she needs a hole………..