A Ringside Seat

On cold days, like it’s been this week, it seems like outside fun slows waaaaaaay down and Mom has to dream up inside fun.

Is this for me?

Is this for me?

Me? I just dream of warmer days, mud mud holeand lots of ball playing.

Bison jerky

That didn’t last long. Is there more?

I’ve never had bison jerky before….

 Then on to one of my favorite food groups: PEANUT BUTTER!Nummy!All while the kitties watched.

This is the most entertainment we've had lately!

This is the most entertainment we’ve had lately!

And watched.

And speaking of kitties…my buddy Binky over at Angels Whisper nominated me for the Blog of 2013 Award!

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

 I was so impressed that it made me want to do a happy dance!Happy DanceThanks Binky and Granny!

Pee Ess: Did you see it’s snowing on my blog! We even got a few flakes here this morning.